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Marcel ([personal profile] wellguifford) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-08-01 03:13 pm

he's either in a mood or not in the mood at all


Yeah, you, bitch.

That bath you guys were talking about, yeah? I'd like that. So if you, I dunno, leave this little crap community and get on it, I might actually get some. Water, I mean. Yeah, I might get some water on me, if you know what I mean.

Fuck, this is useless.

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Attitude, Marcel. Time's only going to kill you slowly.

[LOL'ing, tbh.]
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Well. There's always plastic surgery.
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... that sounds extremely unflattering.
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And you look like a gargoyle. Stop waxing poetics and get back to work.
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Think you're getting our job descriptions mixed up, Marcel.
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Come now, you know I do.
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Exactly. Apropos, did you hear back on that shipment?
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Think we lost it?
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Cargo's getting old and dry in the meantime. For fuck's sake.
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Sounds like Erwin's too busy with school to pay attention. Perhaps you should send a few of your guys off to Amsterdam, have them do some light patrolling on his behalf.
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Great. If it bothers him, he knows how to reach us.
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A sight to behold. Perhaps he'll even write me a rageful e-mail.
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You're that desperate for entertainment?
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A parody of a parody.
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Do you now.
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... what, are you expecting me to pull a bath out of my sleeve? Armani happens to be rather close-fit.
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So, don't be unreasonable.
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You know, if you want a bath, maybe you should just have one.
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Are you a merman?
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Cussing is bad. But I'm sorry for assuming. With the way you went on about water I thought you might be kept dry against your will...
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There are male ones too, I mean how else would they not die out? But the men don't tend to be interested in sailors that much. But people have still seen them! They look more like squids tho.
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They're fish, they probably lay eggs or got retractable... Things. Most animals do.
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Why do you want water, mister? It's bad for you. Fucking awful! [Finger wag.]