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possible s7 spoilers in comments.

May all the gods protect the last of my family now, the old, the new, and whatever else might be.

( sacrilege, really, but who's going to tell her off in the afterlife, huh??? )

They will need all the protection that can be mustered to survive this winter, that much is certain.
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If any gods exist, they are deaf and dumb to the people's prayers.

( Let's all blaspheme together. )

Cersei Lannister has forced my hand; I must dispose of her before I might think to turn my eye North as has been suggested. When the lion breathes its last, I will defend our people.
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They're the last chance for the realm, after so many squandered.

[ he had once been convinced he was the Prince that was Promised, but he wasn't; later, he would say that Aegon was, but that also proved false; there's only two left now. ]
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They'll be missing me now, no doubt. Shame these walkin' bastards waited so long to come down. I'd have had a fine time sending their pale asses back past the Wall.
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They will need to work together, my lady. I merely hope it might be possible.
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We'll all need prayers and then some, my lady.