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episode 3 humour;

I should let Ser Davos do the talking more often.
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It was never your strong suit, true.
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Make fun. [ A hand to his chest, doubling over just a hair. ] You wound me, brother.

It's sovereign advice I'm here to offer, nothing more.

[ The gentlest play on words, one king to another. ]
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Comfort was never too nigh to kingliness. [ Shoving at a shoulder. Who's older, now? ] That's a common mistake.

[ Looking him over a moment. ]

Another one would be trying overly hard to talk to that dragon queen, and leave Sansa alone too long. Not for any reserves she lacks within herself, either. [ He puts his hand on his brother's elbow. ] Send men to do the mining, Jon. Go back to Winterfell.
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You think I'd be more likely to believe him were he to speak of an army of the dead?

( She meets his gaze emphatically. )

It's impossible to believe in what one hasn't seen.
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I will not deny that, but even so. You ask for a great deal of faith. Did it occur to you that showing one of these creatures to me may be wise?

( Yes, he's a grave young man. She's noticed more than once. )
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( She did; and for a moment, the look on her face betrays that fact patently before she can effect an air of neutrality again. )

You failed to mention that fact, my lord. I don't know what to believe. What did you think of them, before you allegedly saw them?

I did, yes. But the promise is something easier to imagine than what you've spoken of.
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Or perhaps always.

[ Greetings from an earlier canon point. He's here to talk mad shit. ]
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If I please.

[ Jon could do that, he is within his rights, and Theon isn't making it any easier for himself, but there will be a time for that. A time where Theon will do more to explain his actions than laugh and smirk. ]

If I please, I officially only listen to you through the old man.
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No good has come from a Stark riding south for a long time. Be cautious.
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We are all allowed a little petulance now and again.

( bc life is a tragedy child )

I know you are less likely to forget than most, but there are few friends left to our family now. Who will rally the North against the dead if you do not return from Dragonstone?
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Should've brought me. That Davos ain't half bad, but he don't know nearly half the shit I know. I'd have given you more titles than that southern queen could swallow.
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[He snorts in mild agreement. It's true, the so-called Northmen could barely handle Tormund, the southerners would probably blush until their cheeks bled out.[]

Tasty, was it? [What the hell is a dothraki?]
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Fighting naked? That's bloody gutsy. I'd fancy fighting some of their women, though.

[Fighting some naked foreign woman with her breasts splaying every which way? That's a battle he'd sign up for.]
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What would you have Ser Davos say then, Jon? King of the North, Lord Commander of the Night Watch, First in his Name, Lord of House Stark of Winterfell, the Keeper of the Wall, the United Leader of the Freefolk & the Northerners?

[Oh god, Benjen. No. He's having too much fun here.]

I think that would be quite the mouthful.
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[Oh, that face is priceless! Benjen is glad he can make his poor nephew cringe just a little. He's thankful that Jon is nothing like that pompous "Mother of Dragons". It's a small comfort knowing that Jon won't let this "King of the North" business go to his head.

Maybe he'll be able to keep his head unlike poor Robb. His grin fades some once he thinks of him. His smiles are often fleeting.

Apparently, the Targaryen actually pays someone to do so. Same for the Lannister who now sits upon the Iron Throne, as did Stannis prior to his death.

Ser Davos, no less, the Onion Knight. He probably could remember all this and then some.
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[Benjen falls silent for a spell. Should...he tell him? Benjen knows the truth because Ned couldn't hide anything from him. He knew Lyanna better than anyone and he knew the truth even when he was so young. That's why he stalls now as he contemplates just blurting the truth. Jon is already dealing with so much. There's no need to add to it.]

...That you are. [He nods.] You are my brother's son and that's all you ever will need to know.

The titles are frivolous but the Stark blood within you isn't.
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who doesn't want more lyanna in their life i mean really

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Or have Tyrion Lannister speak for both of you, at the very least.
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Not everyone is accustomed to how plainspoken people of the North can be.

[ It's a jest, but also the truth. ]
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( Whether or not he's aware, he has a pleasant sense of humour. She laughs, the sound brief but light. )

Court thrived on that. I had to learn to see through appearances to the heart of things.

I prefer the Northern way on the whole.
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I'll be honest and admit you didn't miss much at all. ( She sighs, nodding. ) I know. Technically, it would have been the same for me. For Tommen, too. If not for my mother, in any case.

With Tommen and the Princes Doran and Trystane dead, there are very few warm people left in the south.

Weather can be adapted to, can't it?