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mun, it's time to stop

This is- wow. I want to say dedication but this is a whole new level. Are bad puns how you deal with existential dread?

... Whatever it is you're planning though, at least just. Let me know in advance. Okay?

[ No plans, bub. None yet. ]

Guess we'll just have to improvise this one.
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[Hey, cool, wow, this is exactly what Tim wants to see. Right now. He's doing...great. With this. Is this even Brian anymore? Does he still count as...]


[He can't quite look at him.]

Kind of felt like that's what all of us were doing.

By the end.
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[Sorry about that. Sorry about that.]

[Because that just...covers everything, right? What's he remember? Does he even count as...the same person anymore?]

[human, therefore no]

[That would be about the point in time where Tim should laugh, some dismissive, high-strung, damn near hysterical eruption of noise, but he doesn't have it in him. Never did.]

Sorry about what?

[Just gonna blow right the hell past the niceties, why not! Not thatt hose ever mattered when he was thieving Tim's pills out from his goddamn house.]

What are you sorry for?

[Because right now, "everything" just seems a little too broad. Particularly when Tim - ]

[He doesn't know if "sorry" is ever going to cut what he's done.]
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[Like it was his fault? Like it was his fault that he encouraged Tim to step out of that self-imposed bubble and bother to try and make friends for once in his life?]

[There's a part - a large part, a part he can't wholly press back - that wants to sink back into some semblance of an easy camaraderie they once possessed. Say sorry, sorry for lying, sorry for failing on every level to be a friend he could stand, sorry for not realizing the gravity of the horrors he would unleash upon everyone simply by existing.]

[A sharp intake of breath hisses between his teeth.]

You wanted Jay safe?

[His tone is already rifting, peaking, the words snapped out in violent frustration.]

You as good as killed him! You led him there to die.
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[He gets it, to an extent. He gets why Brian was so - why he was angry. Who wouldn't be? Tim led him straight to hell, unthinking, unknowing, all because he was stupid enough to accept his earnest, genuine attempt at friendship.]

[Enjoying watching you suffer.]

[Can't blame him for that either.]

[What he can blame him for is failing at all of his apparent goals. At failing to keep Jay safe.]

You could've just told us. We could've helped you.
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lmaooo happens to all of us

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So you drag us through the dirt.

[He's not just angry at this point. He's not just - pissed. He hadn't known, when he rushed that hooded asshole clinging to the windowsill like his life depended on it. He hadn't known that he would drop from the gap like a stone, with the wet crack of skull impacting cement.]

[He still can't for the life of him decide whether knowing the hooded figure's identity would have caused him to hesitate - or rush him with a renewed vigor.]

So you tie Alex up and let him escape so he can shoot Jay through the gut?

You set that up. You watched him die.
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i think jay takes that award tbh

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[I don't know what to do.]

[Does anyone?]

[He was floundering, just like the rest of them. But he floundered in a way that was both profoundly destructive and infuriatingly mystifying. One of Tim's hands creeps up through his hair, nearly pulling it out at the roots in his cresting frustration.]

Why the...the codes, and the cryptic bullshit? Why any of it?
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[Was he - he was just like him? Like Tim felt, with that fucking thing crawling around in his head? Was he even remotely in control? It's the same but it's not,, and it didn't like to speak, and he - ]

[He's losing whatever grip over his anger he still had. He's not going to let it. He's earned this, goddamnit.]

Even when it got Jay killed?
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[That's Brian. Jay only really knows him through battered videotapes. (Because who'd look twice at the guy who stutters and hides under his ballcap and agrees with everything his asshole director "friend" says, even if he is technically part of the crew?) Jay still missed him, though, in an odd way, and it's never easy to see somebody you know get killed.

But he's alive now. Which makes some sense, given where they are (and the fact that Jay himself is also still breathing).

And he's wearing...wait.

Oh. Oh.


A development.]

Wait, you're--?

[Jay grasps at the air with his free hand, unable to find a succinct way to say "that hooded dirtbag who kept sending me codes while also being somewhat helpful I guess."]

You're that guy?
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No, I mean--

[The hooded man never exactly attacked him, but he's still dangerous. Jay stiffens, taking a step back.

But Brian's just talking. No codes, no riddles, just Brian. Like on the tapes. Sure, he's a little subdued, a little more like Jay imagined he would be if he survived Alex, but not...not what Jay imagined the face behind totheark (one of the faces?) to look like.

Jay's eyes narrow.]

Wait, wait. [Jay shakes his head.] What do you mean, half?
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party hard

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[This is...a lot to take in. He calls it "Operator", and Jay's immediately brought back to charcoal scrawls on lined paper, to warped voices and a dial tone. He's talking to totheark. He's talking, in plain English, to totheark.

And he's a "fan" of Jay's work.

Jay snorts.]

Big fan of yours, too.

[Sarcasm's easier. It's easier than imagining how Brian and "that guy" were mixed together, where it sounds like Brian couldn't tell where he ended and the faceless creature began. It's easier than acknowledging the apology genuinely, because that would mean Jay would need to figure out whether or not he was actually ready to forgive him.]

But you didn't seem too sorry when you wrote that note. 'Find Alex', 'find the Ark'. Real useful tip there, Brian. Thanks.
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[Jay's riled up now, and that apology's not good enough.

It's "shitty" that he got Jay shot. That he got to sit there and watch (because he must have been watching) while Jay bled out, while that thing reached for him and--

He's not thinking about that.]

I'm dead. Were you planning that all along, or did totheark actually, y'know, not know everything that was gonna happen? And who's 'us'?

[Jay's aiming for annoyed, but the curiosity bleeds through anyway. Brian was totheark, right? But "us" sounds like there were others, like Jay suspected. Is he finally going to get a solution to that little mystery?]