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foolish mortals is ILLEGAL

Forget whatever "execution" these... humans and their spirits have lined up for whatever beast did this and desecrated her remains.

Get me in there. I'll avenge her personally.
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... I'm sorry.
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[But she is, and she can't even tell you why. She tries to form the words and they get totally trapped. So she just tucks herself under his chin instead.]

No, that would have been worse.
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Or we both could have gotten hurt! And it... it probably would have been my fault!

[She couldn't live with that!]

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[Just... this face. This face right here.]
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You too, huh?

[This bandaged up human had been put through magical girl hell. He recalls the horrid trail of blood leading from right outside his room all the way to the body of someone he had gotten close to. One botched trial later, he attempted to take things into his own hands.]

If you're the kind of person who'd want to die avenging someone you love, I ain't stopping you.
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