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Hey there Mun-person.
So you took the plunge huh? While I appreciate it and think this could be an interesting experience for us both, you'd kidnap me from important stuff. So I'm not all that pleased with ypou, but what can I do? I hope we'll run into some people I know and you'll let me do what I'm good at. That said... maybe it wouldn't have hurt if you brushed up a little more on the show before jumping into this. But let's see what this take us then, shall we?

Wyatt Halliwell
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Talk about brushing up, my mun hasn't picked me up in a year and a half. I'm coughing up cobwebs over here. You'd think they'd at least rewatch an episode or two.

But, it's nice to see you Wyatt. Not homicidal at all. It's a good look on you.
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Same here. I don't know what my mun plans on doing with me. It's not like they can handle any more tags, but muns, they don't listen to reason sometimes.

Kind of like some family members I know.

At the very least, whatever happens, I just hope I don't get stuck with 20 charges again. Everytime I get thrown in a game, I end up with charges.
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I'm sure you don't. Funny how that happens, you have selective memory.

Sharing would have been wonderful. Getting the six year old to stop calling me in the night because she figured out she could would have been wonderful too. Getting the twins to stop pranking me into thinking they were the same charge would have been nice too.

[Cause that's totally what happens when you send sixth season Chris and give him 20 charges. The boy sinks like a stone]
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Well I may or may not be able to join you but my mun has a few characters over in Hadriel. They're very friendly. And totally the reason she can't pick up anyone else.

You'd probably end up with charges, yeah. With your luck you probably wouldn't have a six year old waking you up in the middle of the night every hour. You'd be good at it. You've always been more...white-lighter-y than me.

[And Wyatt could heal]
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You make it sound like I was given a choice, Wyatt. Do you know how hard it is to ignore people shouting in your head? What am I talking about, of course you do. Only you never ignored them.

I suppose I did okay. No one died.I'm going to miss that kid though.

[Wyatt's totally the good brother who never put anyone on mute]