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spoilers in comments; season 7 feelings

Aye, it's come. Now it's started.
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Listen to Sansa, would you?
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No, but if you're going to trust someone's counsel, it should be hers.
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For us all.

[ She's gotta kill people, bro. It's not as fun as she's trying to make it look.

(it's kinda fun tho)

I know you two will do just fine.
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[ But some people make it worth crossing that line. ]

Yeah, me too.

And the one I seek is not north.
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You allude to more than simply the defeat of House Lannister.
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If these White Walkers are truly real and not the stuff of legend as most likely believe they are—you know more than many.

You need not worry about the enemy to the south, if that is any relief. ( She intends to crush her. )
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It is an asset nonetheless, and one best used to the advantage of your people. The more lives saved, the better.

( She raises her head, meeting his gaze. ) I do. And then if what you say is true, I will embody the title 'Protector of the Realm.'
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That depends entirely upon the North. The Ironborn asked for and were granted sovereignty of their lands.

( A shadow of a smile crosses her face before flitting away. )

All that must be done is to ask nicely. I do believe the North is in need of allies, is that not correct?
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They have and may once Euron Greyjoy is no more.

( If he would make war upon her, then she will do unto him as she intends to with Cersei: crush them firmly beneath the heel of her boot.

She studies this young man a long moment, expression kept carefully neutral. )

Is not the problem which faces the North soon to be that which faces the realm as a whole? I intend to take the iron throne.

I know little of the North or its people. But that does not mean I would brook lives needlessly lost. if it is an alliance you would have rather than a liege, I will think on it.
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What's it going to take to convince the southron lords sitting fat and content in their castles that they're not going to be so content when it comes for them?
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[Brienne doesn't seem to like him very much. It's pretty unfortunate, really; she's the most glorious creature from south of the wall he's ever seen.

That sounds familiar, yet almost promising. The same could have been said previously about the clans of the free folk, after all.]
So you're saying it'll take someone of Mance's caliber to bring them together. Think you're up to the task, Snow?

[He laughs. See, if that stick was wedged up Jon's arse entirely, he probably never would have made it anywhere with the free folk. Tormund likes him for a reason.]

I wouldn't have eaten a crow even before we made peace. What do you take me for? A fucking Thenn?
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I'd say I don't miss them, but-- [He shrugs.] --Well, I don't miss those cannibalistic cunts, but I think we're at the point where any able-bodied fighter is going to count. They were good warriors, anyway.

[His own countenance becomes somber, as Jon recounts his experience with Mance.] Aye, he took a chance or two on you. [Tormund fixes him with a level stare that is serious, even if the tone of his voice when he next speaks is somewhat lighthearted.] It's a pity more southroners aren't as open-minded as you in realising that the free folk just want to survive. The majority of us, now, just want to get through the winter. [Of course, Tormund himself was all for killing southroners to get south of the wall, the first time 'round. He knows better now. There's a common cause, and neither of them, free folk or southroner, will survive without the other.]

What's left of them, aye. Rested, and waiting.
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To survive the long winter, the pack must stay together. You'll listen to me, won't you?
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[Sansa laughs a little and shakes her head, a wry smile twisting her lips.]

Lord Baelish thinks that he will. I have no need of his advice. I do perfectly well on my own, thank you, and you're not half as bad a king as he seems to think you are.
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We need his men. The knights of the Vale aided our numbers and helped us take the castle back. I don't want him to remove that strength from us when we may need it for the winter to come.

[She pinches the bridge of her nose, trying to will away the headache that is surely coming out of this.]

He wants me and as long as I can keep him dangling, he'll stay around.
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He doesn't, actually, but I like him close so I can ensure he isn't acting against our interests.

(Sansa sighs a bit and gives her brother a weary smile.)

He won't hurt me, Jon. Not with you to protect me. No one will hurt me again.

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I don't trust him either. I just need his army and I know how to manipulate him.
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For what it might be worth, I believe you made the right and just decision. I wish you good fortune. Your Grace.
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[ They hadn't spoken, so this is her first true impression of him. ]

The capital, more recently of Dorne. I don't fault you for failing to recognize me, Your Grace. My name is Myrcella. So my confidence is decently-founded.
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[ A wry look crosses her face. ]

For better or worse, yes. [ Moreso for the worse, lately. ] Thank you, your grace. As I am sorry for the loss of yours. It was a vile thing.
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Then I'd prefer we not speak of mine.

[ Her stepfather's death grieves her only in that it left Joffrey and their mother free to do as they pleased. ]

I was sent to Dorne when I was betrothed to Prince Trystane. We were all betrayed.
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Thank you.

You're right; I was not. ( Which she'll acknowledge, anyway, as her features school themselves carefully into a neutral expression. But the pain is there in her eyes all the same as she nods her head. ) I did.

And he paid for that with his life.
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[In death, Catelyn has learnt the truth of the lie her husband told all those years ago. Though Jon himself may not be aware, she knows. This time, when she addresses him, gone is all of her previous bitterness and resentfulness. It will take time for her to truly consider him family--a nephew, if still a bastard--and it will never excuse her treatment of him. But that is on her, as it ever was.

She implores him, and trusts that her faith placed thusly, is genuine enough:]
Please, take care of them. With Sansa; and Bran and Arya, should they find their way to you. [Hesitatingly, because she's not sure he'd even accept such a sentiment, she adds:] And take care of yourself. The Kingdoms will truly have need of you.
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Can't say I won't be disappointed not t'be able to face it down, wit' you.
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we should play these two somewhere again :o

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[ fondly, but stubbornly: ] 'S if I'd be passively watching. You know I'd be right there by your side, Jon Snow, bow in hand.