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on canon review (Canon is Broadchurch)(x-post to d_m)

I'm not sure why you're choosing to pick me up right now. To be honest, I really don't want to know. You've got your problems, you've got your reasons, and I'd rather not have to sit here and have to dissect every one of your insane desires that you get in that funny head of yours after you've had a drink.

I'm not just a passing fancy. You know that. I've got my stakes stuck firmly in the sand here. Whether or not you want to try to make this happen or not is up to you. I'm not exactly keen on going anywhere.
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And where would you go, if you become one of the chosen few?
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Is dissecting others a skill of yours?
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Are you a policeman? The police dissect people figuratively.
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How do you tolerate it...? Being routinely lied to is a part of your job.
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[ Justice is trickery in her head. Consequence and punishment, she understands. ]

You might be sent off where your skills apply the most, even if you dislike it. I don't know where I'm to go.
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[ The media flocks to accomplishments and mishaps though she couldn't say if he flees fame or infamy by her first impression of man.

His question elicits a lengthy pause. ]

Somewhere where I'm welcome.

[ Barring that anonymity has sufficed; she disappears in rural towns. ]

Have they named you hero or villain?
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[ Her head shake seems to preclude the existence of family, friends or an address, in a motion. She vaguely remembers that her faded wardrobe spells a similar story of destitution; is this why he asks? ]

I have myself, like an adventurer. [ The girl smiles as to convince herself this is so. ] I take a lot of rides. Maybe I'll hitchhike to Somerset and see the Roman Baths.

[ 'Neither' she is told, but failure is normally vilified in the news. ]

I'd like to leave the past too.
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[ He recites his words of caution as a policeman and a respectable member of society but as compliance with such advice is impossible, however rational it is, she is completely silent for the duration, her fingers kneading at a frayed sleeve.

She looks up briskly when he humbles himself to her height, as though interrupted, then is neutral again. ]

I'm Eli.

[ She lingers, choosing her words. ]

I want to know your name ... but if I stay, you will call protective services, no?
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[ The pads of her fingers pass over the grooves of his badge like braille. An object of authority can instill fear or calm in the eye of a beholder. He wields the powers of a detective, he assures her of that. Can he protect her from them?

She casts ambivalent glances but safely returns his badge on her palm. ]

Okay, we can talk ... Detective Hardy. I'm not a native of these fields either, I think you can tell. [ Her rolled 'r's depart from the regional dialects. ] I'm Swedish.

[ A wind moves through the equipment shed where she'll rest. ]

I feel safer here than in a group home.
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Most of the way. I arrived in a box: one Eli.

[ Her smile is a touch contrite for her curt if not bewildering summery of her journey but the unabridged version would trouble him all the more. ]

Yes, but I guess I never stopped running. Leaving is easy when you won't be missed.

[ Eli cocks her head. ] You make a face .... [ Her sleeve slacks from her wrist as she unwinds an index finger and pokes the detective in the forehead. ]

You are running too — are also a stranger, far from home. Maybe I feel sorry for you...?
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[ She thinks on it — the realistic estimate is that she is remembered by someone, perhaps even fondly, but her recollection of past encounters is not so lighthearted. Be it a shelter or a dingy apartment, she was led to leave.

Despite her juvenile gesture she regards him maturely. ]

Because I'm small sometimes I need the help.

[ He seems to have done away with it. ]

I believe you're worth thinking of. Do you hate that?
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[ Her precociousness is interspersed with actions befitting her age and the resulting impression is indeed an odd one, a contradiction. ]

I'll remember.

[ The calm conviction in her voice is indelible. She points toward a cropping of storage buildings out in the open field. ]

There. It's not the Ritz but it will do.

[ An offering of warmth. ]

Only if it's with you.
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[ However tantalizing the luxury of a real bed may be Eli is reluctant to accept his generosity outright. The physical layout of his bedroom will factor in her decision.

He sees in her a kindness but she feels selfish. ]

I have to tell you something first. It's important.

[ Her eyes roam the ground before her beaten pair of dress shoes for boys. ]

I have an illness ... my skin is sensitive to sunlight, so I tend to sleep in the day. Could you keep the curtains drawn, please?
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[ Before she can study her living arrangements there is the obligation of a formal invitation from the detective upon reaching the door to his house — apartment? She is unsure, probably somewhere inconspicuous as he seems like a private person.

The grim weather helps with the sun but the light inevitably seeps through. She takes his open hand without protest yet his question gives her pause, her eyebrows creasing with some indefinite emotion. ]

Yes ... I'd like you to, but I'm difficult to help.
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[ The girl cuts ahead and leads him forward by the hand as though enlightened to their destination, for an instant their roles are reserved, with the detective being guided into the unknown. ]

I did. I was shipped in a crate to the port of Dover, kind of like contraband.

[ She turns around with a pale smile. ]

Now I ask a question. Are you investigating a crime?
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[ The girl shakes her head 'no'. She has recently arrived in his jurisdiction but it may be just as well; the spike in violence deflects the focus of the investigation from her, hence she can stay in town a while longer. ]

Exciting for a quiet town, but you must be less than enthused.
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[ His stance confounds her. What does it mean to like your job but not enjoy it? Surely she's missing the nuance of his meaning.

He frets as though misfortune will strike at any moment. She squeezes his hand lightly. ]

I said that you could take me home. You have my word.