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Spoilers Doctor Who, last season and the upcoming one

So we're getting a female doctor, and I'm not going to be around to see it?

Well. I guess I could, but I'm probably not, right? Because I'm like. A living TARDIS now, or something. Traveling time and space with my girlfriend.

That about sums it up, yeah?
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What's with his companions and ending up traveling through time and space without him?

At least a female Doctor ought to be a more sensible character.

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Maybe that's why though? Supposedly some of the people he travels with affects the way he changes.
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Why not? [Laughs.]

I hope I still will. Though... [Shrugs!] Who knows, yeah?

[Eyeroll.] My Mun still complains that she wants Ace and Jo to come back too. Whoever they are.
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[Laughs again and nods.] Or it won't even phase her. The Doctor's been in weirder messes, 'bout time she had a nice pair of boobs to go with it.

[Totally sane and logical conversation to be having.]
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[Wry grin.] Mmn, might be different than ya expect. Totally different writer and all that?

My mun's babbling something about... Broadchurch? [Puzzled frown.] Some show where Fluffy, the Tenth Doctor, mine, is a Scottish Detective? 'pparently her face is in that, and the writer is too.

It's a lot of meta and fourth wall break even for this place. [Rose's face: @_@]

Oh! But she says second season has her favorite pair of canon lesbians in it. [SHRUG!!!] Whatever that means.

[Snaps fingers and slams a fist into an open palm.] Also the writer did a lot of Jack when he was cursed by me and after the Doctor. Didja ever meet Jack?
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[Nods. And waves a hand.] Well something about Jack. [Laughs.] I stopped paying attention. Too much rambling. [Lies, she loves the rambles.]
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It's not too late for you to come back and fall madly in love with the Doctor—bring the girlfriend too.
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It is an improvement. That said, just about anything would be.
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Well, that depends who and when you ask. I got a kick out of it, at the time.
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Yep. Won't do it again, promise.

Are you fretting? Don't fret. She's more than capable of figuring that out.
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Worse things have happened to the Doctor's helpers.
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Keep telling yourself that, darling.

Oh, he never mentioned? Never got you to sign a liability waiver? Rude.
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Calling us "basically" anything is dumbing it down for the less evolved lifeforms.

It was worth the risk, isn't that what you mean?
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What are you planning to do? Only so many civilizations you can destroy before it catches up with you. Shouldn't have done so much of that, myself.
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Oh, destruction's fine in moderation.

Just what the universe needs: more tourists.