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all that d23 news

Machine gun's cool.

I guess that means they trust me.

Or they just need all the help they can get.

Seems more likely.

But-- doesn't really seem like a reason to drag me back out here. Thought we were done. What gives?
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Done? Nah. You're a long-term commitment.

Tough break.
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Maybe now. You want that? It's like a bad op with no extraction.
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Asking for trouble.

At least someone's thought well of you for three years running.
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You're in good company. I'm memorable too.
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Been a while since I went anywhere, but I did go. A couple times.
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Where we're from sets a high bar for interesting, Barnes.
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And I love surprises.

Has to be the right fit at the right time. There's that, too.
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If it were up to me? I'd send you wherever Rogers is.
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Best I could do. I don't know you. Just what I've heard, partnered with Cap's biggest fan.

[If there's a good way to say "my BFF is obsessed with your BFF", she can't think of it.]
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You wish. I wish. He's really into trivia.
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[She shrugs, but her attitude shifts; less casual.]

If it weren't for the Howling Commandos, my partner wouldn't be who he is. Steve, the Steve he thinks he knows, would never give up on a friend. And Phil, the big dork, that's the example he lives by. I owe a lot to who he thinks you guys are. Don't know how right he is. Maybe it doesn't matter, but... Thank you.
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[She'd opine that it's always awkward. She's had her own very limited experience with (what feels like undeserved) hero worship.]

Think of it like fantasy football. He's Captain America. I'm you, so do good out there. I want points.