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Geese Howard ([personal profile] flewsouth) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-07-16 06:38 pm


The King of Iron Fist Tournament? And I get another chance to fight that so-called "demon", Akuma? Sounds like fun...

Now I just need that pointy-haired old fool to get out of my way, and that world will be mine!
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More power to you. You deserve revenge after that one fight you had with him.

But I don't think you can just rule everything after beating him. I mean, with everything being connected with these crossovers you'll have Bison and Gill and Jedah and Shao Khan and whoever the big villain of Dead or Alive and Sigma Ultron and Kratos and Superman and...

Well I think you get the idea.
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Well, that's...interesting...

[More interesting for the mun than it is for her...]
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Hmm. Are you one of those guys who always searches for stronger opponents, to test the limits of your strength?

[She's encountered a fair number of those, and she knows her brother is one of those types. And that big guy Bartre, who had never lost a match...until he met her.]
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Hmph. You seem pretty cocky for a fool who can't rely on the power of his own two fists.
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Hmph. It'll take more than that to put me down.

[Dude's survived several JACK units exploding on him and blasting him a couple miles off. Gonna have to pull out the BIG buildings.]
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Stronger than you have tried.