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mun doesn't care much abt kh, but that trailer woke somebody up

I know "Sora's a hero". [Andy does some airquotes there.] I still hope...everyone's alright. [Himself and his mother, but also his toys--that's not ever going to stop being a weird thought, now that he's out here and knows the truth.]

And...Sora's still a kid, even if he is a hero. It's going to be dangerous for him.
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Kid or not... Somebody has to do something. I couldn't live with myself is anything happened.

[A pause, his blue eyes dart to the floor as he speaks in a soft voice.]

I can't promise it won't be dangerous, but I have to try.

[His furrowed brow lightens as a wide smile crosses his lips. Sora gives Andy a reassuring nod of the head as he continues his thought.]

And it's not like I'm alone! I've got friends by my side. Mine, and yours!

[He lets out a short laugh, recalling the reality of the situation. Fighting side by side with living toys. It wouldn't be the strangest thing he had ever seen, but the oddity never cease to amaze him.]

They wouldn't let me shoulder the burden that easily. Maybe they're more of a hero than I am!