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about that 13th Doctor announcement

Good. I think we all know why he's going to make that change. Doctor... You're welcome.

[Yeah, she's taking 100% of the credit for inspiring the Doctor. Welcome to the sisterhood.]
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Not that we don't have several other threads LOL

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I think you're giving yourself too much credit.
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Oh yes, yes, yes. You've inspired a lot of things where I'm concerned. I still think that has more to do with holding of my regeneration than anything.
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I heard she looks like me, so you're welcome. [ALL THE SWAGGER.]
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[About to offer a handshake and--]

Debating if I withhold my name for security reasons.

Bad Wolf.
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I don't know about you and your mun, but we're investing in popcorn and asbestos. The internet outrage machine is going to be a glorious mess.
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Like you don't enjoy watching a disaster unfold... plus, there's something oddly satisfying about watching 'those fans' crash and burn.