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re: the 13th doctor reveal

D'you think he listened to me?

[ Bill isn't sure how the whole thing works but if Missy could do it, it stands to reason that the Doctor can do it too. ]
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No, I think he listened to me.

[Clearly this is 100% a tribute to her.]
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Yes, he did. Do you really think he doesn't listen to me, his oldest friend?

[Of course he does. No question.]
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[Now that's much more like what she wants to hear. Have a smile. Oh, and a condescending explanation.]

Well, you see, when two Time Lords spend a lot of time together... They can't help but rub off on each other. It's inevitable.
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That's sweet, dear, but you're comparing a speck to a star. The Doctor and I will burn through time for aeons longer than your blink-and-you-miss-it existence. [Thought she was a Cyberman anyway, what happened to that?] Congratulations on being alive, by the way. Did not expect that.
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Awfully powerful friend.

[The Doctor couldn't do it. That was why she had turned Bill into a Cyberman in the first place. Because it was irreversible. It was the thing that would hurt the Doctor the most. And because her previous incarnation, jealous little bitch that he was, didn't want her to have the Doctor's forgiveness or friendship.]
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[A raised eyebrow.] Do tell.
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Because I'm asking nicely. I'm not going to hurt you, dear, I've put all that behind me.

[Well, mostly. Some of it. Maybe.]
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[None of that explains how she managed to save Bill.]
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[Huh.] How does sentient jet fuel bring you back?
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I think he listened to himself.
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He has stuck to one gender rather long... I know some Time Lords have a preference, but I never thought Grandfather did.
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I ... didn't know that.
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It would seem to be, yes.
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[He's just scowling.]

I think it happens because I hold off my regeneration too long.

[But of course, won't know anything for awhile yet, since he's still holding it back.]

The last time I did that, it was completely explosive. Destroyed the TARDIS.
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Changing at the rate I do isn't good for me either, Bill.

[The faintest smirk.]

I did tell you I understood when you talked about how you wanted to live.
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What did you tell him?
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[Laughs.] Nah. I told him to change backwards and he said he couldn't. Also that he might wind up with two heads, or no heads. But I don't think he was telling the truth on that.