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Sheriff Woody Pride ([personal profile] pullstringcowboy) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-07-16 04:22 am

A certain new trailer for Kingdom Hearts has come up and...

[Watches his mun scream and flail around like hyperactive fan over the latest Kingdom Hearts thing. Woody could only twitch slightly as he saw the excitement for this game canon that features him and his friends in.]

I-I see you're excited...

I mean I love the designs sure.

Not sure I welcome what happens in the story though...
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[Weeeeell she's not really a toy. In fact she's... pretty giant even by human standards. But she seems friendly enough, right? Good kitty?]

Oh, I know. My story's next installment is coming up soon too. It seems like this "Disney hype" is giving us a moment of quiet until that Comic Con thing though.
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[If Green could roll her eyes, she would.]

Yes, I'm big, you're small, now that we've established that, can we PLEASE have a conversation without you literally falling over yourself?
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That's right~! I'm the Green Lion! I form Voltron's left arm, and I get to hold the shield, fire the plant cannon, and my paladin gave me a cloaking device! She's the smart one of the non-Lion beings on the show!
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Well of course he would, even if he wasn't. Our show's has amazing everything, the only thing it's lacking is tasty salmon.
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SALMON! Do you know how hard it is being a mystical robot made in the image of a feline and not being able to eat the fish your mun's given you a craving for?! It's a NIGHTMARE!
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[Have a head tilt from a curious kitty, sir.]

What's a "sarsparilla?"
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Ah, I'm sure it'll be fine, Woody! I'll help you out. And so will Donald and Goofy. I mean, it'll...take time adjusting to being so small but. I'm sure I'll figure it out!

[This has to be easier than learning to run around as a lion. Or swim in Atlantica, after all.]
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Sure! I'll do my best to keep Donald from getting too frustrated at least. But this is going to be kind of cool! I mean, I grew up with toys and stuff, but. You know. I never really thought.....

[That this could happen. But then. He never figured on a lot of things, until he left Destiny Islands.]

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It's -- I was walking and talking too. Even like that. This isn't as weird as turning into a lion or a merperson. I'm sure I'll figure it.

[Woody could teach him the ropes so to speak and all though. Yeah. He'll still need a bit of help with the rules.]

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You know, like mermaids? And I was only a cub, but it was fun being a lion for a bit too. Still, I got used to a lot of things, since leaving home.

[He hasn't barely been back long in probably a couple years or so, or close to, by now.]
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It's Donald's magic? I think. Something about 'protecting the world order' and fitting in. So I guess that's why we're toys in your world. Which is kind of cool, actually!

[He probably has more memories of playing with his friends at the beach and all than with action figures or such, but even so. It's still kind of nostalgic almost.]
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I've kind of learned to just. Roll with things at this point since leaving home.

[It's the only way he's come out of this as well off as he has so far. Without freaking out as much as he could have about it all.]

Well, I've already been a lion, and to Atlantica, so the toy thing will be new.
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Something like that. But I was small in Wonderland too, with that drink. So the height won't be all that weird once I figure it. I'm just glad to help out where I can and meet new friends. Even if they're toys.
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Yeah, course! I'll do my best!
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I hope everyone's alright.

[Which might be a little rich, coming from the owner that got rid of most of his toys in the past--he didn't know, but that doesn't stop him from feeling bad about it.]
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[Be there for him.

What kid doesn't think of himself as the center of the world? Not most. Andy wasn't all that different as a kid, but he's not that anymore. Almost an adult. And knowing his toys...were alive, for real, and were most worried about him...

...that's a little uncomfortable.]

I--I'm sure you'll get everyone. And get back. And I'll--fix--

[Andy kneels. He's very tall, and Woody is very small, and he's almost afraid to touch him like this. But he points, very carefully, at the stitching on his arm.]

Does...that hurt?
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If there was anyone who could save the day, it'd be you, Sheriff.
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[She offered him a smile.]

With you helping those boys out, I'm sure we'll be fine.
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[She returns the smile as she gently squeezes his hand.]

Sure as the sun shines.
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[She laughed softly.]

You're cute when you're flustered, you know that?
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[She smiled.]

Well, aren't I a lucky one?
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[With a soft laugh, she leans against him, returning the nuzzle.]
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[Glancing up at him, she smiled.]

I'd like that.