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Est, the Wayward Knight ([personal profile] firstisthebest) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-07-16 02:06 am

On mun playing Shadows of Valentia

Mun, we've known each other for some time. You've played me for years on end...and now I see you're serious about playing me again.

But seriously, after all the crap I did canonically do you not see why I won't fit in anywhere? This most recent game is merely showing light onto how...I suppose, insecure I can be.

I guess I wish you the best of luck. You could have given up on Archanea lore a long time ago, yet here you are still building on it.


You're thinking about letting me get captured in a game if you play me for reals? Heavens no. You may as well voice test me for eternity and put me nowhere if that's your plan. I guess, stay focused.

This is the fourth time already. Am I really worth more than a burden to you?