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A cruel warlord appears (canon is YST/RW)


What is the meaning of this? You would dare to assume you can control my comings and goings?

I am a warlord of the Dark Dynasty. You have no power over me! I know true power.

What magic have you used to bring me to this place?
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Thank you for the nostalgia~

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[On the one hand, Mei feels for the guy. She really does!

On the other, he has bully written all over him.]

Why does it matter how they got you here? Surely somebody of your illustrious status can break out with ease?
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You say that, but there's free coffee and tea like right over there, buddy.

Sit down, stay a while. Maybe lose the headgear.
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Best Thread Ever

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The who in the what now?

[Is he actually--yes he is actually villain monologing. That is a Thing that is happening right now.].

Well if the 'lord of the Dark Dynasty needs a drink or something to lubricate the ol' vocal chords for some evil manical laughter it's there.

[Pointed sip of coffee.]

So, what's with the dress thing over your armor? Also, what's with the armor?