warring_triad: (Evil Smirk)
Kefka Palazzo ([personal profile] warring_triad) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-07-15 10:08 pm

In regards to FF12HD, and continued FF15 hype...

Ah, so the interest your friends take in things you can't partake in has sent you thinking back on all the good times, hmm? Like when I remade the entire planet in my image upon becoming a god?

[He sighs.]

Good times... Hm? No? Then why am I here? I'm a busy god y'know. I have things to blow up and cultists to empower to blow things up! I can't just sit around on my kiester waiting for you to do something with me. Though I wouldn't mind having another go at that street rat that stole Terra away from me in the whole war of the gods thing.

He and his little sky pirate friends would be fun toys to break. Heck I wouldn't mind putting a little color into those black leather-clad nimrods as well, even if you are worried about 'spoilers'. The heck do I care about spoilers? Everything is gonna end up a smoldering crater anyway.

[Gasp!] Did I let the big ending slip~? Oh, silly me.

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