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Musings on Fantastic Beasts...

There is no excuse for hatred or ignorance. I often find they are entwined - one fueling the other. [He smiles faintly, amused.] I admit I am biased when it comes to the people I like, but I do try my best to never turn anyone away.

Some make it terribly difficult not to do so - as you well know. [The amusement fades and his gaze hardens.] Those who use Dark Magic willingly and for the purpose of harming another are often difficult for me to welcome, but perhaps they need the warmest welcome of them all.
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omg you never see Dumbledore's <3

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Aren't you charitable?

[Dark Magic you say? Say hello to a boy that literally sold his soul.]
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it is, he's so wonderful!

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Giving those who dwell in the dark a chance?

[He takes what he needs from the underworld.] You did say difficult, after all, not impossible.
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he succeeds <3

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I haven't seen anyone prove themselves worthy yet.
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Youth has little impact on experience, I've found. And when one has a duty placed upon them, it is impossible to avoid that experience.
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Grim reapers, demons, undead, I find that most youth have no experience with these but for stories and nightmares.

I am the Watchdog. I serve Her Majesty, Victoria.
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Interesting. Perhaps I ought to delve further and find others who deal with such things.

I am the last of the Phantomhives. The head of my family has always served as her Watchdog. [No one said Victoria was good at this.]
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I've had quite enough of the occult. [He shifts, uncomfortable.]

I stopped being a child a long time ago. All I lack is stature and years now.
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I've never been given reason not to fear them. My last encounter, the occult, they were little more than child murderers. [At least Albus will get along with Undertaker. Anyone that gets a feeling about his butler tries to separate them.]

I'm content enough. [He shifts again.]

I apologize. Is there some reason you dwell on giving darker hearts a chance?
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They were in the end. I made sure they wouldn't hurt anyone else every again. We don't really tolerate it either but they do it in the shadows, where no one looks. Only a lamb could find them. [His good eye is distant for a moment.]

You shouldn't carry that blame. Intervening- sometimes if they are determined for that path, nothing can offer them any sort of resolution. They'll follow it regardless of the support offered them simply because some aspect, however small, appeals to them.
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Only once. I was lucky. [Bought. Mostly.

One of Ciel's rare smiles crosses his features. He's getting a little better at smiles.]

It doesn't seem silly to me. I imagine many teachers would, they take in their hands the minds and futures of those they teach. They impact children as much as a parent does. [Not that he knows.]

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No one was left to try reacquiring any lost lambs. [If only he knew how absolutely reckless Ciel is and how often he disregards his own safety.]

True enough, Weston College has it's student living on school grounds. Luckily, children tends to be better about adjusting to such a change.
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Dark magic--[Kowalski trails off, looking around like he's waiting for someone level headed to pop up and explain this as uncryptically as possible.]

Sorry, gotta excuse me--[he laughs, vaguely self-depreciating] --still getting used to this stuff, but why, uh, why you giving the bad guys the warm welcomes?
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Well...[He trails off again, thinking about a very, very wrecked city, the poor kid (thing? kid? he's pretty sure it's kid, but this point remains unclear) that did it, and the schmuck who kicked the whole thing off and then turned into some other schmuck.

Magic. It's wild.]

I'm no expert, thank God, you know? But a little, I guess. Hey, you're not-- [He glances around, drops his voice.] You're not a wizard too, are you?
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[The name sounds familiar - did Newt mention the guy? Kowalski blames it on too many new things and new names: too much to remember.]

Oh, well uh, sorry I haven't heard of you Mr. Dumbledore - but I guess that's kinda the point, ain't it? [He shrugs - because even when shit's hitting the fan, Jacob's an easy going kinda guy - and sticks out his hand to shake.] Jacob Kowalski, pleased to meet ya. And well that, that's an interesting story, uh. [And how does he tell it without throwing Newt under the bus? Hm.]

Got kinda caught up in some things, I guess you could say. This crazy magic...you know, I don't even know what it was, but it bit me pretty good.
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Yeah, yeah a little, well...[He holds his hands up, fingers curling together in roughly the size of a particularly fat cat. He frowns at the space and widens it a little: the memories of that case opening in his little apartment are pretty hazy from the chaos, and also the passing out.]

Anyway, I don't remember what, uh, what they called it. But I had this bad kinda reaction to it, I guess, and they helped me out. I thought I was dreaming, right up until I saw the horse with the tentacles on its face. [He needs Newt for ALL THE NAMES.]
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[Kowalski starts to shake his head.] I don't know what a sea anemo--that's the one with the jelly-lookin' petals, yeah? Yeah, yeah, it looked kinda like--

[Oh, hell, there he goes, ruining things. Jacob looks uneasy - this Dumbledore guy seems like a decent sort, but so did that MACUSA lady, and he's not so eager to start throwing his memories away again.]

Look, uh, I'm not tryin' to get anyone in trouble here.
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[There is definite relief crossing Kowalski's face: he's a New Yorker, he would never consider himself overly trusting, but he knows he's an okay judge of character. That Graves fella gave him a bad feeling, and the rest, well, those misgivings were mostly thanks to how completely nuts magic is.

He's starting to think of it that way fondly. Who'd'a thought?]

He was expelled? [Jacob looks troubled by that - on Newt's behalf, really. He's put out by his wondering, what did he do, but does he really want to hear it from anyone besides Newt first? Naw.]

Jeez. And he still thinks your uh, what'd you say, Hogwarts? Best school there is.
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[Jacob is basically the epitome of a Hufflepuff if ever there was one. He smiles, nods - not altogether happy, since he has no idea when he'll get to see his friend again, but still. Better to have met him than not.

The smile turns into a more amused quirk of the mouth, though, as he thinks of the witches he does still know in New York.]

Dunno, sir, the girls made a pretty good argument for uh, whatsit--Silvermorney? [He should have taken notes.]
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Ilvermorny. [He nods, mouths the name a second time to commit it to memory.]

I don't got much room to judge. [His mouth quirks at the corner again, realizing that probably wasn't proper grammer.] First rate education 'round where I come from looks a lot more like figuring out how to scrape by. But hey - next time you swing by Ilvermorny, give me a ring. I'd be glad ta show you New York.