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505 ([personal profile] floof0floof) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-06-18 10:36 pm
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canon is Villainous. no i have no shame.


It sure is the greatest and most unfathomable evil known to man approaching D/P right now, in the form of -

oh it's just a big floofy bear.

But it's holding in its paws the most diabolical -

No wait it's a tray of freshly baked cookies. Complete with a pitcher of milk, even. Wow. Looks like someone sure worked hard on these, because these are homemade with the secret ingredient of pure LOVE.

And the bear's even making... weird happy bear noises, as he goes.

Arr! Rrrrmmm!


505 sure is offering everyone - his mun included - freshly baked cookies.

Pure, unfettered, concentrated evil.

You may all tremble in fear now.

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