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canon is Villainous. no i have no shame.


It sure is the greatest and most unfathomable evil known to man approaching D/P right now, in the form of -

oh it's just a big floofy bear.

But it's holding in its paws the most diabolical -

No wait it's a tray of freshly baked cookies. Complete with a pitcher of milk, even. Wow. Looks like someone sure worked hard on these, because these are homemade with the secret ingredient of pure LOVE.

And the bear's even making... weird happy bear noises, as he goes.

Arr! Rrrrmmm!


505 sure is offering everyone - his mun included - freshly baked cookies.

Pure, unfettered, concentrated evil.

You may all tremble in fear now.
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[And who should walk up but 5.0.5's creator, Dr. Flug. He strolls right up to the bear and is going to give him a hug. A short hug but a hug nonetheless. Then he'll pull back and pour himself a glass of milk and pull out a straw from his jacket. He puts it in his glass and looks up at the bear.]

I was wondering when I would see you, 5.0.5. ...Don't tell Black Hat but I missed you. [And he starts to drink through his straw.]
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[He drinks it down until the straw makes that annoying slurping noise. Then he pulls back with a satisfied aah.]

...Is your mun planning on sending you to any games yet? Or those meme things? [He's not asking like a worried Dad whose bear son could be sent outer gods know where. Nope. No concern at all. Except enough to fill the state of Texas.]
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[He holds up his glass. More please. He needs the calcium.]

Well...tell your mun myself, Black Hat, and Demencia are all at Genessia if you want company. Or I can follow you to those...meme things. I've been in a couple. Most are...not age appropriate for you but I'm sure some exist that you would like.



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[God, all he wants is some peace and quiet where he can be an awful, terrible, horrible person without having to worry about some moron sneaking up behind him and trying to express feelings of innocent unconditional love.

He doesn't even have the anti-bear hug squirt bottle on him.


... I didn't invite you here.
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ur fired from life

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Not even if it could save my life.


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[Ice Bear is being responsible even without his brothers around to take care of. His fridge needs restocking and...wait, are those fresh baked cookies?

Detouring to look at the strange flower bear and Ice Bear tilts his head curiously.]
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[What, can't talk? Ice Bear understands. He didn't used to talk either so he doesn't have to do much guesswork. It's not totally obvious that he's being offered cookies by a strange bear that looks like a plush toy. Nope.]


[No smile, no inflection in his voice, just a thank you and helping himself to a cookie. He takes a bite and chews thoughtfully.]

Ice Bear thinks you have baking potential.

[That's a good cookie.]

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BEAR! /shows up late with starbucks

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[Just out of nowhere and taking those cookies.

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Rules are for chumps, 505. Chumps and bears and Flug.]

If you didn't want me to eat them maybe you shouldn't be all carting them around.

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AAAH! <3 Just had to give some driveby love for this (no worries if you don't want a repeat thread)

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"Oh! 5.0.5 What brings you here?"

[He squints at the tray. Somehow he feels he already knows the answer but...]

"..I don't suppose those cookies are nefarious in any way...?"
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:'3 <3333

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[TOTALLY in a.. way he’ll figure out later. Uh. Hrmm.
Dr. Flug inspects the tray, fishing around in his pocket for a small device. He barely flicks the “evilness” scale detector on before the thing ignites with a heavenly pink aura, one can practically hear the choir’s of angels proclaim the goodness in the confectionary; the light is nearly BLINDING-- but not enough to even be mildly painful. Drat.]

“Well. . . Temptation is technically a form of—- Ah! W-wait! 5.05. No- put me—"

[The scientist fidgets, but it isn’t long before he sags, accepting his squishy, cushy fate. God, it’s the equivalent of his bed deciding to haunt him for never succumbing to sleep. He sighs, but the notes of fondness clearly outweigh the exasperation. Gingerly he raises his arm to pat the bear back.]

“It is nice to find a familiar face here. I’m glad it’s yours.”
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...Oh. It's you.

[It's the OTHER bag dad. Your other bag dad, 5.0.5. He looks down at the cookies and picks one up with a red gloved hand. He sniffs it through the bad.]

Did you at least put cyanide in these?
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Love isn't evil.

Love is good and wholesome. Love is for heroes.

By the Outer Gods, it's like you are a creation made from White Hat's own being. Clearly my counterpart has no idea how to create a vile monster. 6.0.6 would have you screaming and running for the hills.

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