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canon is the mummy, 2017 take. (i know, i know...)

This decision is not your wisest.
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Muse is canonblind, so that helps?

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.. And why is that?
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That may be so, but I wouldn't give up so easily. I think you'll find that there are others willing to overlook their aversion to your canon.

My own mun for example, prefers the black and white film- but she intends to at least watch yours at some point.
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Then that is something they share in common.

So, what is it that you intend to do now that you are here?
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[Something about what she says grabs his attention immediately]

What was it, that had to be done?
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[Although she didn't overtly say much of anything, he had a feeling that this was a far more complicated process than she let on]

A difficult position to be in for sure...

[He had also been denied his rightful position as pharaoh when his soul had been trapped inside the Millennium puzzle]
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[The lust for power often came with a high cost. A cost that usually wasn't worth the risk in the first place.]

Believe me when I say I can relate.. but right now all I'm looking for is to restore my memories. [It was an awkward segway, but for some reason he felt like it had needed to be said. The last thing he wanted was to appear as if he might be someone who would stand in her way. Even if- it could turn out that way in the end anyway]
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[If he could have changed how things had played out, perhaps he wouldn't have been trapped all those years ago. Although they both were denied their positions they had had very different experiences that shaped who they were today.]

Yes. I know very little about my past. [Should he tell her? Probably not. This was information not generally shared outside of Yugi and his friends but for whatever reason he proceeded]

I was once a Pharaoh, but I can't recall my real name, or much of anything about my reign.
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[I have heard that even though reviewers were fairly negative on the movie they did praise the idea of her character, so there might be a chance!]

A Pharaoh? [Sounding a little shocked at the coincidence, but it soon ebbed as something dawned on him] This must be why my mun encouraged me to speak to you. [It wasn't often he was able to meet with other Egyptians. There wasn't much he could say about the practice of male heirs inheriting the throne. It was a different time then, with all it's inequalities to go with it.] In truth, it should be the one who is most qualified for the position who obtains it. I- hope.. I was that person in my own time. [.. but he has his doubts, thanks to memory loss and the sands of time]

My friends call me Yami. [Or more specifically the other Yugi, or Dark Yugi... but since she hadn't been introduced to Yugi at this point, he decided better of complicating the matter] While I am sorry to hear about your situation I am glad to have met you Ahmanet. [Since she's been perfectly normal and reasonable to talk to and hasn't endangered anyone's lives or anything]
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[I wish she had gotten that better movie! But this thread is making me want to see it more]

Yes, I'm certain that is what would have happened. I suppose I shouldn't take my time in the present for granted, since it's afforded me more insight into how certain traditions could have and should have been altered. [He certainly didn't think any less of the female duelists than he did the male. If only he could have remembered that there were some females that held prominent positions during his time, he might have felt a tad less guilt]

[He smiled a little at the title] You needn't refer to me as a Pharaoh here- though sometimes my friend refer to me that way as well. I'm well aware that my title means little here. [If only he could find something with his name on it, but excavations hadn't been going well. A tablet with his likeness, the name missing. Had he been purposefully erased from history?] I hope that your mun will be able to find a suitable home for you where you may be able to find what you desire.
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I've been told that mundanes are not the wisest. It seems as if this is common.
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I can't disagree. It is a flaw of theirs. They also do not tend to give the whims we have much thought, if any. I suppose that could be described as "selfish" on their part.

Yes, mine is the same way.

Of course in my world, things did not go as they should have. So, perhaps I have nothing to lose in this arrangement.
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Thank you. That is kind of you to say.

I suppose at times like this most would consider this what they call a "second chance."

(He failed when he needed to succeed the most. He failed so many and despite his position of being "not human" - he would be lying if there wasn't some sense of guilt on the matter that is there.

Perhaps "fate" had been against him too.)
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That I don't know yet.

Preferably, I would like to find the remainder of my crew. However, it appears there are a number of options if I can't.

What about you?
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Muns leap before they look a lot of the time, if that helps at all.
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Tell me about it. At least your canon's complete, that's better than otherwise.

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[Really? Charlie's just fine with it.]

Not yet. Hope you never get sequels. Things go south when that happens.