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Mario game Hype traaain!

Phew! It-a sure feels good to get out and-a stretch-a my legs.


Oh! I have a new game at the end of-a the year? Well at least I-a have some lull between-a adventures this time.


O-oh. I'mma teaming up with the rabbids too... [can he EVER get a break.] s-sounds-a fun...
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hype hype!

[personal profile] raisedbybirds 2017-06-18 09:18 pm (UTC)(link)
It's been too long for some of us. Good to see you getting back out there.
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it's been 3,000 years

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Between Hunters and Federation Force... I'll leave the party games to an expert.
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[ Swinging in on a vine, DK drops in with dramatic impact.

It might be a bit hairy (literally) to tell if DK is here to pick and fight or be friendly when it comes to Mario, but the radiating joy he has whilst he beats his chest answers that.

There's a whole city named after him in Mario's latest outing, of course his big ape ego is appeased.
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[ The idea had not crossed his mind apparently- not surprising, considering he can only hold a few thoughts at a time. So he's dumbfounded for a moment or two and thinks it through.

A sudden realisation has hearts pop into his eyes with an 'eeeh-heh-heh.'

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I hope you have-a fun, bro.

[He not jealous about being replaced by a hat, of all things, as player 2, or anything.

Okay, he's really not, he is playable in the Rabbids crossover, after all, and there's the Superstar Saga remake... but still!]
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[He has always been unlockable in the main series since the Wii era.]

Y-you think so?

I mean, you're more than enough to save-a the princess.
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...I've never seen you slip-up, bro.

[But Luigi is, perhaps, a little biased and blinded by big brother worship. Because even when Mario does make mistakes, they never seem anywhere near as bad as his own.]
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And speaking of Nintendo Hype.

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Using bodies other than your own to fight is cheating.

[Translation: Yes she is super jealous that you can posses a T-rex. She wants that.]
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And where's-a Wario's game, eh?! When's-a Wario gonna getta some stupid cap with eyes?!
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Nah! If I did that, I'd be outta my job as the rottenest guy around!

I bet that cap could-a help a guy steal all the treasure he wanted!
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Congratulations, Mario. You'll be reunited with an old friend it seems like. That's always a pleasant time.

I wish I could be along for the ride this time, but ah... You can't have everything I suppose.
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You are quite welcome, Mario.

And... aha, yes, I suppose there is. It's not quite as... exhilarating as a full on adventure, but it's probably safer for everyone in the long run.
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Here's hoping. I probably shouldn't be leaving the Lumas alone for too long, either.
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[It's the biggest name in game history, of course they're rocketing out to greet him.]

Bet it's gonna be. New friends!
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[HE KNOWS THEM! They're very nearly vibrating in place.]

Yeah, that's me!

And you're Mario, the coolest!

[Or close to the coolest. They like everybody.]