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Voice testing...

Oh my, this is certainly a surprise! I do hope we'll work well together. As they say, you never know until you try! That's a wonderful philosophy to live by!

...unless you're trying to figure out if you can fly by leaping off the top of a mountain, but I doubt there are many people that foolish. [It almost sounds like she knows someone who might be tempted to try a stunt like that, doesn't it?]
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[Oh hey, it's Lailah! More importantly...]

So it'd be a trial by flier, right?
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[Behold the class act joke duo: Crime and Punnishment!]

Ooo, good one! I vote we launch Sorey to test the theory. Or maybe Mikleo. He'd probably sail farther.
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[Their lack of appreciation for the craft of joke-making is simply punbelievable.]

Good point. Although if anyone can manage it by sheer willpower alone, it'd be Sorey. No idea how he'd do it, but I won't put it past him.

[Rose joins her in considering their options, crossing her arms as she bites her lip. Edna would be the obvious choice except that she likes living.]

Bet Mikleo could do all kinds of cool tricks to keep himself airborne, too! Maybe even create a mist to produce rainbows as he flies by!
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[Clearly. Next time they'll have to give everybody the ol' pun-two punch.]

And it's not like pure-hearted resonant mountain bumpkins grow on trees. I'm preeeetty sure replacing him would be more trouble than it's worth. Oh well. Guess that means the task falls to Mikleo!

[She sounds so put out about it. Yet they're out of options. One wind idiot would be way too suspicious and the other too worldly. ...though the latter might agree for kicks, but where's the fun in that?]

It'd be a divine sign of good fortune from the heavens! The people will line up to witness the miracle! [They might even leave offerings for Lord Mikleo, heh. Nothing wrong with them earning a little spending money on the way!] Oh ho~ I love the way you think! Add in the possibility of using said technique to access more ruins and there's no way he'll turn us down!
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[If not, these jokes just might not be to their tastes. Maybe they'd prefer punion rings?]

True, true. We have to consider supply and demand. The market value goes way down when any commodity is a gald a dozen.

[She gives a couple quick nods, mostly to herself. They can't discount the fact that if one Sorey goes on and on and on about boring historical facts, a bunch of them would send her screaming to jump off the wind trial tower. Mikleo could even evaporate into steam if they're not careful, and they need him for their evil plot plan.]

Like in any battle, a change of tactics is necessary sometimes! [This is coming together quite nicely. All they really need now is the star of their show.] Now that's just being pessimistic, Lailah. No matter what the end result is, the idea itself is a great one!

[Not all awesome ideas need to be practical or possible. Sometimes just fun will do. Gotta dream big!]
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[...Lailah. Lailah plz. You are truly a forepunner of your time.]

Only almost? That would be negligent of me. I have to know exactly how much to pay if he's ever held for ransom!

[Or worse still, they might be overly polite and never even get in the damned ruins by trying to let each other go first. Plus the ground they could cover once inside... Ugh. Every step or two, a new carving or artifact to muse over. They'd could kill Heldalf-- with boredom.]

[.....would that be a ghost Mikleo or the real deal. Very important distinction there. A mirror ghost Mikleo wouldn't be much good for tossing around, and she might very well scream at the sight of him.]

That's the spirit! And unlike in battle, we can always try again! [Y'know. Once they patch Mikleo up and reload. Or find a new victim. There's bound to be others they can launch for the good of the world! And so the Scattered Bones develop a new, torturous method for eliminating targets...] You're really great for bouncing ideas off of! We should collaborate together more often.

[No, no they should not.]
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[Despite being mispunderstood by most people.]

[And since said people might get the wrong idea if they hear this conversation, she also leans in to whisper.]

That'd depend on a lot of factors. His general scholarly knowledge, physical attractiveness, fighting skills... Some might even pay extra for his ability to read the Ancient Tongue. But I can give a safe estimate at a million and a half, easy.

[The rub lies in shuffling the two off to see said Lord of Calamity without letting them get killed or eaten or worse. Heldalf may still have one human weakness, but other hellions tend to be terrible listeners. And, unless one is named Rockgagong, they aren't likely to listen to their meals' conversations.]

[Nope. Nope nope nope. Nooooope. Seraphim are not ghosts! You can't punch ghosts or climb them like trees, but you can do that to seraphim so they don't count. Invisible is not equal to immaterial and that's all that matters.]

Not if we line Sorey up to go after him if he quits on us! That'll keep him going for who knows how long! [Oh lords. Sergei is as bad as Sorey in so many ways, yet so much worse in others... It would just be cruel to drag him into this. ...which is why it's a great idea.]

Between the two of us the Sparrowfeathers will never want new projects again! ...provided we leave the spoilsports out of it, yeah.