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maybe [community profile] genessia?

Like, I mean it's all well an good that you're finally making some attempt at fleshing out [A beat] everything about my lovely life but~.

I'm pretty sure none of the games would want a thing like me, not even that free for all place you're currently at.

That and the dumb idea you have of just calling me a "Siren" is stupid. Those already exist.
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Don'ta be so down on yourself! Most games accepts-a all different types.

[Even super short mustached plumber men with super powers.]
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[Mario pauses for a moment.



O-oh, right. You-a did say you wassa a Siren. [THIS IS SO AWKWARD RIGHT NOW. But he can't backtrack.]

W-well just-a look on the bright side, eh? You-a don't eat anyone right? That's a good start right there.
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[Oh gawd can he just jump out of this conversation now? Well. He COULD but Mario isn't really that rude so... QUICKLY HANGING SUVJECTS WILL WORK.]

Swimming!! Hey you're-a half mermaid so you must-a be a great swimmer! Everyone could use that inna their games!
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I've found this sort of community takes all kinds, hm? One cannot help being what they are, in any case.

A "siren", though? Does she base this on anything?
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... Those names are a bit, err, painful, yes.
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I suppose it's better to err on the side of descriptiveness, yes.
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Yes, I, uh, imagine that would be in your field of experience.
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I suppose it is helpful to be experienced, if it is something essential to you.
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I gathered that, yes. [No judging from Twintelle, here.] You must lead an interesting live, my friend.
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Well, I've been around, but I can't say I make a habit...