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Looking at Drift Fleet, actually.

Right, so, if it's a job you're sending me on, maybe you should give me some incentive other than 'taking down some demons' because dear lord is that getting old.  Poltergeists are usually more interesting than demons, anyway.  At least then I can do some research.  History is just way more fascinating than shoving those black smoke bastards back where they belong.  You know, I'm not really sure if I enjoy sending them back to hell or taking them down permanently.  It's always best, I think, to try and save the person they're in, though.

Even if that can get messy.

I really should have done medical school.  I mean, you can only get so far with YouTube and Google.  It's a good thing I stitch really well.  And hey, maybe you want to warn me the next time that some poor bastard jumps from a building and shatters basically everything.  Demons.  Not that angels are any better but I guess they do try to leave their hosts more or less intact.  You know my stance on that.  No more free rides.

I have enough issues without angels running me around the world.

Like you and this game show in space.  What's up with that?
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I'm pretty sure there aren't any demons that need taking down there at the moment, actually. Or ghosts of any kind.

There are a few aliens, though.
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I haven't met him myself, but that's about right, apparently.

Well, before I got mixed up in all this... game stuff, I never really thought about aliens. I had enough going on in my life than worrying about people from other planets stopping by.

[A slight pause.]

...maybe. I'm waiting to see what the catch is, at the moment.
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Yeah? That sounds pretty good, too. I mean, it's just me wandering around by myself back in my original world.

I guess. It'd be nice to have a break from this kind of thing, though.
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[Wandering for the sake of wandering... yup. He smiles.] Yeah, I know how that goes. It's surprisingly restful, even if you do end get tangled up in things from time to time.

I've never been outside Japan before Edensphere grabbed me, but... well, I keep busy with things. I'm always moving.
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Space game show? Bet I know where you're talkin' about. That's where I am.

[ Hello, this kid's got red eyes. And he's watching her cautiously. ]

Takin' down demons, though? Seriously?
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Heh. Where I'm from, we don't do anything with souls or whatever. So I guess we're fine, yeah?

[ Oh my god are those cloves jfdksl you might be his new favorite person. He grins, and just so she doesn't have to bother with a lighter, he conjures up a tiny fireball in his palm and holds it out for her. ]

Need a light?
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[ YEP, new favorite person. He grins at the telekinetics show, reaches out and takes it. ]

Don't mind if I do, thanks!

[ He lights it, takes a drag as he waves the fireball away. ]

I'm Eithan, by the way. Welcome to the fleet in advance I guess, yeah?
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Well, uh. If it makes you feel any better, there's not any angels aboard.

... I'm pretty sure. I mean, 80% sure.

[... But Cas is cool, if he ever shows up again.]
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[That's putting it real lightly; Sam shrinks away from the topic a little, not quite eager to revisit that particular series of traumatic events. Yeah, fun, backpacking the devil for a short spell... among others, but it's hard to beat an archangel.]

There's a 95% chance you won't be doing any hunting, either.

So hobbies are gonna probably get picked up. Like, you know... gardening.