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This is a surprise.

You've had quite the busy day, haven't you?

You've taken me from my family, have trapped me inside a confined place, and make me go places against my will.

You're wonderfully skilled at this, I see, well done.

Until you find use for me, however, I shall have to gather cobwebs in this place, it seems.
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Cobwebs do suit you.

Hello, Mother.
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The rack did help.

If there are, please do let me know. I am still cultivating poisons.

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And so relaxing. Everyone should have one

Both [Wednesday tilts her head] I find a mixture of the two adds a kick to henbane tea.
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An Iron Maiden adds a touch of class to any residence.

[That expression that is a smile without a smile] It is. I will make some for you, Mother.
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I do have a new apartment at the game I have been placed at to decorate. It's in London, Mother. Such a dreary city. The murder rate is to be admired.
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Of course. I visit regularly. It would be rude not to

[You did teach manners well]
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Unless it is called for.

The Mother of Witches for example...

[This lady is awful. Wednesday will need to prepare an exact torture for her]

However, it is pleasantly miserable.
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A familiar is to be shown respect and fairly compensated for their efforts.

She believes in something along the lines of slavery.
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[She does pause a little, this lady seems a little odder than the normal faces she sees.]

You seem far from upset like normal people would be. [Just an observation. Rose is...well, slowly driving people insane or just outright killing them.]
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What do you plan to use the cobwebs for? Decoration aside.
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I've never thought of using cobwebs to kill anyone before. [She pauses. Thoughtful.] But maybe the spiders could do something more interesting.
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That's a different reaction from most.
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Indeed. Many a times people are just so negative and unwilling to see the opportunities. It's pretty tragic. But you're different. Intriguing.
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I go by the name "the Black Rose" by most people. A name filled with despair and terror among those whom are much more constrained in their ideas of black and white.
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Cobwebs might be better than some of the places you can be sent.
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Well, that's how the Dead should be- properly dead. Although most aren't so enthusiastic about this.
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[Most people would probably be a little unnerved by this. Sabriel's mostly just relieved someone's excited about staying dead.]

I think my life would be easier if more people felt that way.
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I'm a necromancer of sorts. Instead of raising the Dead, I make sure they truly die.
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I'm not sure if I'd say that. But it keeps people safe.
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Cara mia, I must commend your girl for her creativity in such matters.
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[ he grips her hand tight; a drowning sailor clinging to a buoy in an ocean of despair. ]

These are truly wicked times we live in. Tell me more, Tish.
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How delightful, how rare to see one like you who happily dwells in darkness.
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Addamses, nice!

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Oh, there's no need for cobwebs. There are plenty of people here to hang together.