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Mun's been binge-watching a certain something and this happened (Canon is Ever After High)

Well, I wouldn't say it just happened exactly. I'm pretty sure you were set on picking me up from the beginning, weren't you?

So why are you so nervous now? Just relax! You know my parents' story almost as well as I do. Just try not to worry about it, all right? I'm sure you'll be fine.

And just try to take it easy too. I know you have plans for me, but don't overwhelm yourself.
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oh hai

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I'm sure everything'll be fine! I mean, your mun has plans to go to where some of us are, and that's totally hexcellent. I think you'll do good there.
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Re: Hey hey~

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You'll do fine! You're a Beauty, it's not like we're not supposed to deal with hardship and all.

I can think of a few, as well. And you get frands, that's totally super-awesome.
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Exactly! I think you'll enjoy yourself with whatever comes your way.

Probably. A good group of friends tends to bring the best out in people and brings a lot more to the place you're going to.
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No problem!

Hah, maybe yeah. Mun'll have to think about it after all.
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What does she have to be nervous about? She'll have two charming princes's to save her. Literally.
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You'll get to see Apple and Dexter as well. but I'm sure this face is the most exciting to see.
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I believe in you Rosabella! I think if anyone can do this, it's you.
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I didn't even think of that! No, I'm going to miss you so much!
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So you're for sure going to a game?
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Oh gosh... I wish mine wasn't so dead set on only having three... but I would feel horrible if she dropped someone to let me in!
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Definitely! I'm fairy sure we'll see each others in memes and the sort! And you can always count on my to come and help if you need it.
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Couldn't be your white knight if I didn't save my friends!
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Ugh, I know, this one was stressing out too. Fussing over which icons to pick, worrying about how I should talk since there's so many versions and translations of me. Putting love into your work is fine and all, but after a while you've gotta get in there and actually play!
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Yup~! [She gives a light bow.] Kino Makoto, what's your name?
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[Look, have you seen how literal some of the names in Sailor Moon can be? "Wood's Truth," anyone? Let alone being friends with people like Moon Rabbit and Water's Friend, Mako-chan's not going to judge.]

Nice to meet you too! You're from that fairy tale high school canon, right? Or, the one without all the gun-weapons, I mean.
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Yeah, so I've heard. What's YOUR take on that, by the way? I talked with Darling a bit and her place is sitting around waiting to be rescued, not even saving herself like she wants? And I've heard from Allura and Nora about the girls set to follow Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, that's... kinda messed up, at least to me.
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[Rosabella'll get a (gentle by Mako-chan standards) clap on the back... still might wanna brace yourself though.]

Atta girl! Destiny should be helping you stay focused and do what's right, not keep you from it!