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It's been forever, mun! C'mon, lemme get out there. Ya didn't really do much with me the first time, y'know? So try to stick with it this time.

Don't worry, I've got plenty of confidence in you.
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That's sweet. It's so nice seeing someone be so supportive of their player!
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Oh, gosh, really? That's so different than most others I see around here. That's kind of inspirational, I think. Everyone around here would be so much happier if they got along with their players like you do.
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--Really?! Now I'm definitely jealous. I'm always getting into bad situations...and then I get blamed because I'm apparently a 'hot mess', whatever that means.

I wonder why yours is so nice to you. I bet it's that fluffy tail. I can't compete with that...
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--W-Wait, I do? I, uh, o-oh.

[ Her face is red and gets even more red at the offer. ]

Really?! I can touch it? It looks so fluffy...can I really?!