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saw wonder woman, didn't pick up who i thought i would. possible spoilers in comments.

It is an honor to be admired so.

[That much is certain. Antiope's head is held high, for she is the Amazonian general for a reason, but there's no arrogance. Only humbled gratitude.]

As much as I appreciate your sincerity, however... I'm afraid I cannot stay. I am needed in Themyscira.

Return me.

[It's not a request; she's giving no room for argument.]
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[And yet. Here we are.

[He snorts.]

Yeah. Good luck with that one, lady.
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[ Strange and surprising though this place is... still Diana cannot believe Antiope is there, alive and well. ]

You're here.
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[Much the same as Antiope, Integra carries herself with all the confidence of someone that's used to commanding respect. It's not an oppressive feeling, nor is she anything less than relaxed, but her general presence is a similarly powerful one. Though she isn't dressed in armor, it's clear that she's seen battle -- evidenced both by the eyepatch over one eye and the untold stories hidden just beyond the other.

Still, when she sees Antiope, she smiles.]

For what it's worth, you aren't very far removed. At your player's discretion, you should be able to return to where you're from in an instant, should she decide to set a scene there.

In my experience, even the scenes that aren't set in your world won't take you from it for long.
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double oops!

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Oooh, I like your bow!