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considering 6I

You wanna send me out into a city that's rebuilding and think it'll be fun... You realize that's been my life, right? Walking through the ruins of what used to be a happy place that people are now just trying to make the best out of a shitty situation. I don't settle down anymore, I lost that luxury. I don't make a lot of friends because they just tend to die and what if... What if something happens and I can't go back and fix it? What then? I'm done being haunted by the screams of the people I've lost.

I'm done. You hear me? Put me back in whatever little box you pulled me out of and walk away. It'll be easier for both of us.
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Don't say that! What about all the people you can meet?

I'll be your friend.

[ She died once, but hey. ]
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Of course I don't know you. That's how you make friends, by learning about people. Everyone's a potential bestie, even.
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It's not really ruined, honestly. If that helps? I have a higher than average rubble tolerance, possibly. Very peaceful except when it's not. Sort of pretty. Miserable technological capabilities, though.
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Nothing that simple. Poisonous insect bites is a good example. From nowhere, disappeared to nowhere.
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Sorry about this.

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