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Saw the Movie [Spoilers? It's Likely...]

I am pleased that you are so pleased. I know how long you have been waiting to see this, and for it to have not disappointed you is a good sign.

I do wonder if I will last this time around. We have been here before, have we not? Though I wore a different face then, and the story was changed enough. I am still me, and will always be.

Also: all that time, and you think I would only aid in one war? Of course there are stories to be told. Perhaps I will tell them. When the time is right.
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Still working on his icons but Wondie! <3

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I do have to wonder why someone would want to be involved with multiple wars. Not out of any particular views regarding women - most Slavic countries, including my own, have had lady snipers and the like since back when I served in The Great War, after all. It is simply that, having served in one such war, I know the toll it can take. It is not something I would take up again without just cause.

[He would say more on whether or not she'll last if he knew, but players were fickle things, and God only knew what they'd decide upon in the end.]
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I agree that there is kindness and love present in humanity. I have, in the past, argued that those are the default traits of the human race, albeit often buried or pushed out of people by life's circumstances. But having seen the second World War, having lost too many members of my family to both the first and second, I would advise extreme caution in engaging in any further conflicts. When a situation is so grim and the stakes so high, resolve must be absolute and based in genuine desire to do good.

[He has been here not even a day and is already going into advising father mode. In all fairness, he has daughters who look her age; it's hard not to slip into the mentality of trying to make sure things are alright.] Nonetheless, thank you for your service during the war. Although we are from different eras, I was out there myself once, and I know it was difficult.
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I saw a lot of misplace enthusiasm, unfortunately. My brother Timofei was among those who thought service in the war might be a way to a better life, to respect, and it well might have been, had he survived it. But losses were heavy, on all sides. In many ways, I don't think anyone truly won that war.

[Anatoly knows that stare. He's done it himself, seen it in the eyes of those he knows who have fought. Some thing never leave people, some images burn themselves into the mind's eye like a firebrand.]

I served as a doctor during the war. Seeing the consequences of the orders from on high up close was hard. Harder still was that on the Russian front, doctors were expected to write letters of condolence to the families of the soldiers, as if I could possibly hope to understand the depth of their losses.
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Yes - both before the war and after it. My youngest son was also a doctor on the frontlines, when World War Two broke out. Unlike me, he did not make it back. But he and I both went knowing such an outcome was more than likely.

[He and his son shared the same weakness, a love for people, a need to help others, that outweighed the risks in their mind. To help, wherever and however he could, was something he did because it was who he was. It was how he could make the war's toll even the tiniest bit smaller. For all the patients he lost, he wouldn't have traded his job for any other.]

There is goodness in everyone. I have seen great kindness in ugly situations, seen good people come from horrific situations, I have been tempted to grow bitter and angry and chosen to be better. Whether people are inherently good or bad, the evidence I have seen would suggest to me that the worst of it, the badness in people, is affected by their situation. Hard lives and environments that put people into survival mode often bring out the worst in them. Behind the most vicious people I knew, there was a terrible hurt. I believe humankind to be good - I just accept that such goodness can be eroded and eaten away at, in time.

There are no easy answers to this, I'm afraid.
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Thank you. It has been a trying time, to say the least. Perhaps being sent to one of these games will allow me to move on - I cannot continue to focus on the past. That has never brought anyone back.

[He wonders over what nationality she might be. It would probably be rude to ask, but her accent is non-Russian, and he hopes wherever she's from is at peace more than Russia is. Having seen so much war and several uprisings, he has learned that this never gets any easier.]

Ah, now you sound like my living son, Savvin. Only he doesn't say such things because he means them, but because he wants to sound like a deep thinker. [The fondest of sighs. He loves all four of his children but they can be a bit exasperating, at times.]
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I am already pleased with all four of my children, which they should very well know by now; I've told them how proud I am of them often enough. And the same goes for my grandchildren, even if they're going to cause me to go completely white-haired before I hit sixty at this rate.

[He sought his father's approval enough to follow in his footsteps and become a doctor. Unlike his brothers, Anatoly hadn't sought glory in the military, and he was content with what he had achieved in his life, small though it might seem to some. Goodness and love were found in his family, his community, seeing his children and their children grow up in better conditions than the poverty he'd lived in. That was enough for him.]
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What more does he want, for me to make him a medal? [You young people and your need for validation. He's glad he's old enough not to give a damn about that sort of thing these days, or at least, it doesn't take top priority and he doesn't lose any sleep over it.]
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God help your poor parents; after a while, all any parent wants, young Gospozha, is for their child to make their own way in the world and stand on their own two feet, safe and sound. Past that, everything else is merely a bonus.
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Are you an only child? If so, she may never quite know it. Those with one child tend to dote, from what I have seen. Not that that's a bad thing, simply a pattern I observed over the course of my life.
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I'm... not sure I understand what you mean, Gospozha. [He furrows his brow, trying now more than ever to place her accent. Some context for her culture might make this a bit clearer, but he hasn't the faintest idea where she's from.]
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[Greek mythology isn't taught outside of private schools in Russia, so he simply looks at her blankly.] My sincerest apologies, Gospozha, but I am unfamiliar with the term Amazon. You mentioned an island - are your people of the Pacific Ocean, or the Atlantic? I am from the middle of Siberia, so you will have to forgive my ignorance, as I have never so much as seen the ocean, and have little experience with the peoples of any island.
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Ekarros is the Russian form of Icarus, in case that needed clarifying

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Not really, no. I know they are the basis of the Russian names Artyom, Artyem, and Apollinariya, Apolliniy, and according to some, Ekarros. Other than that, most literature pertaining to the Greeks were taken out of public circulation before my time, when Russia and Greece's royalty had some conflicts with each other.

I take your query to mean you are of Greek descent of a sorts, then? I hope whatever grievances might have occurred between our peoples in the past, we can set them aside, as I have no issue with anyone over something as petty as their place of origin. I prefer to judge people based upon the merit of their conduct.
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Good. People at the heads of nations make war and declare hostilities, but I have never taken such things to heart, and fortunately, neither have many of my fellow Russians. Just because we are not permitted to read of Greek myths doesn't mean people hold any hatred in their hearts for the Greeks, though it does mean I have little in the way of knowledge about anything Greek.

If my memory hasn't finally started to fail me in my old age, Artyem had something to do with hunting? Apolloniy was... fire related, forgive me, it has been a long time since I looked at names and their meanings. I know Ekarros has become a name associated with overly ambitious people. That's the extent of my knowledge, and I suspect it to be faulty, given it is all likely twisted in retellings.
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I see. Did she indicate what this true nature was to you? [This is intriguing. Incredibly odd, but still, he does wonder at it.]
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Who is Ares? Again, I apologize for my lack of context for this. I was never particularly well educated, unfortunately.
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You find most Russians don't believe in such a thing. Or if they do, they attribute the title of War to Death's servant, a mortal man who once was able to trick and subdue her, with terrible results. Most would not classify him as more than a spirit, if they actually believe in him as more than a story at all.
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A truly politically wise Russian would say there is room for both to be wrong. The government wants people to cease believing in all gods and spirits altogether. I dislike that on principle, but it's wise to hold my tongue about it back home, at the moment.

If both are true, though, then it would be interesting to know who or what your people believe Death to be, as in Russian folklore, she and War are very closely tied. Some even claim them to be lovers, although that's mostly Far Eastern Siberians. Ask one Russian, get five answers, sometimes.
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Gospozha - and if there is another title I should be using, please correct me - I am sure it seems that way. To a degree, it is. But you have fought in a war, you have endured mentally and emotionally what many cannot. I am sure that with time and discussion, you can learn to navigate the world just fine.

[His dad instincts aside, he believes in the inherent intelligence and goodness of people, her included.]
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No titles? That is a level of humility I don't often see in one so young. My name is Anatoly.

I said only what I meant. Give yourself time, and many more things than you would think are possible. That much, I have learned from experience.
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[Even so, many people much older than her insist on titles, whether they've earned them or not.]

While my expertise is not global by any means, should you ever have need of aid in understanding Russian, Azeri, or Jewish culture, I will be more than happy to assist you, Gospozha Diana. Work divided is less heavy a load.
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... Awful nice of you, to help out.

I think you'll get pretty sick of dealing with all that grief and humanity, though.
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Does it?

[He smiles, shrugging a shoulder, though he seems warmed by the thought.]

I guess we have our good qualities. I can throw a mean curveball.

... Probably not as mean as yours, but still.