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Madoka Mawaru || Breakfast Cult ([personal profile] eldritchwheelies) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-05-13 08:46 pm

Synodiporia is fun, maybe it can use obscure character who is obscure (from Breakfast Cult)

Real cute, thinking of having me be a vet of effin' Harrowgate. No thank yew, you know what kind of shit Ol' Yellow Eyes could have gotten up to with the apps on my ePhone? We're talking VK-Class Reality Restructuring Event, which, as the teachers say, is bad. Like, that jerk is all the emotion of Axis Mundi with all the grace and subtlety of Shziun on a shonen fightmans anime kick. Ia, Ia, Stand Ftaghn!

Besides, can you imagine what kind of Victorian crutches I'd be using instead of my usual set of wheels? God, I would get the worst blisters ever from dealing with the terrifying, chaotic fractal patterns of non-Euclidean tessellations they used instead of a decent asphalt road. Put me on Roman Holiday instead, put some spikes on my ride and enter it in the chariot race. That's the real funnest Jaunt.

And as long as we're talking Arcana, that's deffo a good one for me. Best Pony Carbire suits my temperament just fine. Heck, do it for the meta-level joke of what my TRUE self used to be before becoming part of an Original Setting, Do Not Telekill Alloy - that's a good enough reason on it's own! Death would be a great boss too because spoilers (that you've apparently decided to collapse the waveform on), and also he's the Getting Shit Over And Done arcana, which I approve of. Empress or Strength wouldn't be terrible picks either.

You really like your obscure tabletop games, don'tcha? Whatever, as long as you're having fun and you're not going to do effin' bullshit with me on Jaunts.

Tell you what. You get me more icons than just the four - Happy Mads, Slappy Mads, Sneaky Mads and I AM BREAD Mads - and you slip me in for the 80's glamrock jaunt so I can yoink a Nintendo into liminal space? And we're golden for this. Take me on tour.

Would make a hell of a final project in my Outer Realm Geometry classes.

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