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Synodiporia is fun, maybe it can use obscure character who is obscure (from Breakfast Cult)

Real cute, thinking of having me be a vet of effin' Harrowgate. No thank yew, you know what kind of shit Ol' Yellow Eyes could have gotten up to with the apps on my ePhone? We're talking VK-Class Reality Restructuring Event, which, as the teachers say, is bad. Like, that jerk is all the emotion of Axis Mundi with all the grace and subtlety of Shziun on a shonen fightmans anime kick. Ia, Ia, Stand Ftaghn!

Besides, can you imagine what kind of Victorian crutches I'd be using instead of my usual set of wheels? God, I would get the worst blisters ever from dealing with the terrifying, chaotic fractal patterns of non-Euclidean tessellations they used instead of a decent asphalt road. Put me on Roman Holiday instead, put some spikes on my ride and enter it in the chariot race. That's the real funnest Jaunt.

And as long as we're talking Arcana, that's deffo a good one for me. Best Pony Carbire suits my temperament just fine. Heck, do it for the meta-level joke of what my TRUE self used to be before becoming part of an Original Setting, Do Not Telekill Alloy - that's a good enough reason on it's own! Death would be a great boss too because spoilers (that you've apparently decided to collapse the waveform on), and also he's the Getting Shit Over And Done arcana, which I approve of. Empress or Strength wouldn't be terrible picks either.

You really like your obscure tabletop games, don'tcha? Whatever, as long as you're having fun and you're not going to do effin' bullshit with me on Jaunts.

Tell you what. You get me more icons than just the four - Happy Mads, Slappy Mads, Sneaky Mads and I AM BREAD Mads - and you slip me in for the 80's glamrock jaunt so I can yoink a Nintendo into liminal space? And we're golden for this. Take me on tour.

Would make a hell of a final project in my Outer Realm Geometry classes.
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Never heard of this tabletop game, but figured I'd bring the closest thing I have.

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[There's a good amount of staring, because it's a bit difficult to parse out what she's saying at first. Even for him. So he decided to just ask the questions he does have.]

So are you saying that in your world they're teaching highschool students about this sort of thing?

[He sounds...annoyed at the very least. Even though he doesn't look that much older than Mads]
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Hmm slightly familiar with Fate, so might have to dig into it.

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[That takes some consideration.]

Well if it is so rampant it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

My introduction to it was less than subtle.

What sort of things do they teach you how to do exactly.
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Hmm so nothing too different from what the Arkham academy used to teach except you're learning it at a younger age.

How familiar are you with what your world knows of Nyarlathotep?
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No worries this works xP

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[There is a very distinct pause. One could practically see the gears turning in his head. Then he laughs. It's genuine if a bit bitter.]

I'm sorry for the outburst it's just...well let's just say I have something personal against Nyarlathotep. So the idea the even in one world they lost favor is a little amusing.

Things in my own world are more tight-lipped for the most part. There have been some incidents, but it has been kept under wraps.

It sounds like Nyarlathotep and their kin aren't as prominent in your world than mine and that is the problem with any sort of reveal within my own world. Something like that would more be opening people up to those horrors than interacting with amicable or at least predictable beings.
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That is fair enough and quite honestly we have too much to deal with as far as our own horrors. We don't need new ones.

[Her question made a frown crease on his face. Not out of anger, but just out of it conjuring the memories even more firmly.]

Alright, it would probably be best to know what we're dealing with if our own horrors show up on the other's doorstep.

It will be a slightly long-winded explanation since I'm treating this as if the horrors of your world don't work the same in my own.

Nyarlathotep and their ilk just as a consequence of being emit something called "color" think of it as residue of their influence. It can drive humans mad and warp them.

Color is most evident in items associated with one of the most common entities, Dagon, Nyarlathotep and Yog-Sothoth.

A man claiming to the be an aspect of Nyarlathotep arrived in my school, killed everyone present except for myself and infected me with Nyarlathotep's "color" along with bestowing me the Mask of Nyarlathotep.

[He held his hand palm up. A dark mist rises from it before a white featureless mask appears in it.]

Color doesn't work like radiation so distance won't harm you, but as you can probably guess it's not advisable for you to try to put on the mask.

I use the abilities it warrants me to protect the world from Nyarlathotep and their ilk.
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DYN freaks

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So what can "Cold Caesar" do exactly? and I know how these things are usually hard to define, but how would you describe what Cold Caesar actually is?

As for the mask of Nyarlathotep it grants me a certain range of abilities, but I have to watch to what level I allow myself to get infected with color. The more I use the mask the more chaotic I could become.
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So Cold Caesar is someone that made themselves functionally immortal and omnipresent by manipulating the start of the world?

[It certainly had him curious.]

It would explain why they aren't present within my own world if they just manipulated the start of yours.

That said it is probably better safe than sorry that you don't tell me any more details that could lead to Cold Caesar's summoning.
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[This all definitely had his attention.]

So you're saying there's someone with a mask like this in your world?

[It had taken him this long to register.]

That isn't good at all Nyarlathotep acts very erratically. They could be the hero one moment and the villain the next.

Surprisingly I've talked to Nyarlathotep in this place and their way of looking at it is they act within their nature which is fundamentally destructive to us, but also root for humanity to survive in the same mind.
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Oh wow

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....This is well within what Nyarlathotep is like. At least when they're trying to be helpful.

[He nodded.]

It's definitely more permanent, but if I had to guess it also allots me more power than these "cold ones" would just afford you for a single day of seeing through your eyes.

Nyarlathotep is the most active and seen among humans and unlike the others moves about my world as they please. The others need to be summoned. If they're summoned a lot of bad can happen.

It's also alright to say his name. Cthulhu is somewhat active. I defeated the one who had his artifact and was too infected by his color and lost any sanity he had.

[After a moment of consideration he adds,]

I wonder if the silver key could remove a cold one from controlling your body prematurely or if the power of the Silver Key doesn't affect them at all.
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The Silver Key is an artifact than can be used to invoke King Ilek-vad's authority and seal to a reasonable degree to powers coming from say Yog-Sothoth's artifact.

There is an item that has horrendous effects on myself as someone with Nyarlathotep's color, but as you can guess that's not in my possession.

So I'm wondering if it's possible to prematurely send them back or at least deal with someone out of control with their power.