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Starlight Glimmer ([personal profile] aglimmerofmagic) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-05-13 09:06 am

Quick post before mun has to head out.

Hey mun?

Now that you have some time off for a few weeks maybe you could find some time to maybe do something with me? I know you've started watching the recent season of mine and the other ponies' adventures now so you really kinda don't have an excuse.

Also I know you're totally hyped for that one Equestria Girls special that's coming out soon... something about your two favourite unicorns hanging out together?

...What in the name of Princess Celestia is "Shipping fodder" anyway and why do you keep accusing me of being it?
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Hmmm. Maybe they mean you'd make a good sailing team? Is there one of those trailer things anywhere? Maybe I'll have some insight.
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Hmm. Maybe. [ unconvinced face...... ]

Oh, you know - busy! [ There is something in his mane. Is that baby food? ... Yes, yes it is. ] Never a dull moment. How are things in Ponyville? I hope things are going well with Princess Twilight.