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Varkon, Zarkon's most loyal mall security guard ([personal profile] varkon_legendarymallcop) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-05-09 11:05 pm

Why did YOU have to appear in my head?

Look lady, I don't know why I'm here either. I should be back at the mall making sure those no good pirates don't come back again! It's my job to protect the peace and serve the emperor there! The instant they're in my jurisdiction, I'm gonna cuff 'em and make 'em pay!

I think I deserve a meal from Vrepit Sal's after this. I hear they've gotten better with their food service recently -- I mean! I need to question Sal about that pirate he had! Yeah, that's it.
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Have a problem with pirates, then?
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Nothing is your jurisdiction around here.

[ Pirates huh? ]
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[ Says the guy speaking to a weirdo earthling. ]

You better get comfortable, once you're here, there's no going back.
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[ And Daisuke is a Special Defense Unit who investigates scenes to prevent future crimes, but unlike enthusiastic Varkon over there, he's totally lazy. Most of the time.

Still, Daisuke did admire the enthusiasm. Who goes to work with that much passion anymore?

If you manage to find a way back, share the intel.

[ He's been stuck here for years ]
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You seem a tad overzealous.
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No one is going to attack a mall. If they did I doubt anything important would be lost.
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This is hilarious in so many ways . . .

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Who cares if the pigs feel safe, hmm? I only care that they get fat.
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Oh lad, you have no idea.
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Except those pirates didn't do anything?

[ At least Keith didn't, all he did was question a guy about a knife and then go to the bathroom. ]