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Waking up an old muse || Canon Review || Canon is Code Lyoko

Wow. It has been a while.

Guess you're at it again. Getting screenshots and things. Maybe going to make me new icons? Well, that's just fine. I wouldn't mind being thrown at a meme or two. Maybe a game?

I gotta stretch my legs and get some food. Lots of food.

And if you can find the others, that'd be cool. I'd even be happy to see Sissi right about now.
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Ask and ye shall receive, my pointy-headed friend!

And a good thing too, can you imagine if I hadn't gotten the first comment in even though you named me specifically? How embarrassing would that be?
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Sadly, I haven't been doing that since Ulrich's dropped off the face of the planet! Just like everyone else I know! And I guess just like me since I'd gone back to sleep in my mun's headspace for a good long while.

I think the last person from Kadic that I talked to around here might've been Jeremy, and he's like my least favorite of your group! But don't tell him I said that...
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Yes, seriously! Yumi's not so bad when she's not doing anything Ulrich-related, I actually think she and William would be really cute together. And at least you acknowledge my presence! Jeremy's always so stuck in nerdy la-la land that he doesn't even have the courtesy to say anything to me!

If you really have to know, the list goes Ulrich, then Aelita, then you, then Yumi, and then Jeremy. Though if you factor in that dog of your's.........nope, Jeremy's still at the bottom.
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You and Jeremy, I think Kiwi would probably place higher than both of you.

I...entertained that plausibility (It's possibility, Sissi.) in the past, but then he started saying these weird and stupid things, and yeah, my mun tells me it was some kinda clone of him but I don't care, I can't unhear what I heard and I can't dissociate those things from William. Being with him now would just feel...eugh!
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[It takes all of Sissi's restraint not to say what she really wants to say about that "keeping your options open" remark.]

Yes, you...certainly are.
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They do seem to get random urges like that, don't they?
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[ She laughs a little at that. ]

You must be the adventuring sort.
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[ She smiles at him, but her face is a little twitchy. "NOT ANOTHER CHAT NOIR!! ]

Aha...ha You can just call me Marinette. Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
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[ lets just hope the two of them never meet. The world can only handle so much flirty cat]

Right on the nose.
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Oh, wow! I think this is the first time I've met someone so close by. [ She laughs a little. ]

I'm mostly thrown into memes, no game for me.