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Crossposted from Dear Mun

Wow, I'm really flattered you like me so much that you want to send me somewhere! I think. But are you sure you're ready for this again? It's a big responsibility and I kind of have things I need to do at home. I can't leave Chat Noir to fight alone.

...I know I can't really change your mind, unfortunately but if you think you can handle it... if you think we can handle it, then I'm going to support you all the way, the same I'd do for any of my friends. Though I wish you wouldn't take me away from Paris where Adrien all the people *I* care about are...

I know you don't want to let anyone down. I don't either. But I have things to do too. Let's just make sure we're certain about this, and give it our all, okay?
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That's a really mature way to look at it, Marinette. Not that I should be surprised, right, Miss Fashion-Designer-Class-President? [Adrien winks playfully, hands in his pockets as he stands nearby. It's a total model pose, he just can't turn it off.]

I'm a little worried about my responsibilities too. But my player seems nice so far, and it's a chance to meet people and see places we never could otherwise, you know? So I'm kind of... tentatively looking forward to it, haha.
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[Adrien smiles when Marinette gets a hold on her words. He still doesn't get why she's so uncomfortable around him the oblivious goof, but it's happening less and less over time, and he couldn't be happier.]

Yeah, that's true. If we can't control where we go or when, I guess we can at least control how we react to it. For what it's worth, I'm sure wherever you end up, you'll do great. [Yes, he's going in for the shoulder pat.]

And maybe if we're lucky, we'll end up in the same place? At least that way we could face everything together.
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your Marinette is too adorable, I can't deal

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Heh, thanks! I hope you're right. [He's not quite as confident in himself as he is in Marinette, but if he can handle Hawkmoth's akumas, surely he can handle this, right?] And I hope we will end up going to the same "game".

Speaking of, do you know what your player is planning right now? Mine decided to wait a little bit and do some reviewing before taking me to an actual game.
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Oh hey, it's you! How's life?
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[Sissi pauses for a moment, and then sighs.]

Oh, great! Why is it that I can't ever recognize when I'm talking to a different muse, even if it's the same person? Sorry, I mistook you for...well, you, another you.
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Well, me and the other you weren't close or anything, we just met one time and agreed that one this blonde girl I'd run into earlier was a total poser.

[Yes, she means Chloe.]
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So am I, but she took it up to eleven! Maybe if ever see her again, I'll ask her what her damage is. Who knows, she could just need some friends?
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Ooh, Paris? Now that's interesting. I've been there a couple times.

You seem to have a good head on your shoulders so don't feel too discouraged.
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One of my favorites, and I've been around. [The time travel sort of trumps mere intercontinental business trips though.]

Hopefully you'll find some friends to rely on and grow from the experience. That's half the fun.
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I've been to Japan and China for business, and.. [A pause as he thinks of all the places he's been with the Legends.] Russia, the UK, and this nice little town called Salvation.

[Salvation in the Dakota territory, but they don't call it that anymore he's sure.]

Would it help to know what happens here really has no significant effect on our homes?
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Salvation technically doesn't exist anymore. I think it's in South Dakota. It was a time travel thing. Got to run a few outlaws out of town. I became the sherrif and knocked that off my bucket list.

[Totes serious.]

Which is why I think the only thing you can do is make friends with who you can, as long as you're trapped somewhere, having friends will get you through it.

Trust me, it's even true for adults. Actually not much changes if you can believe it.
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[He nods, then chuckles at what she says next.]

In a way, but it takes time to find yourself, and if all goes well you make into adulthood knowing who and what you are. I suppose that's true for me, but I know many of my friends have had to go through things that changed them, or altered their paths so dramatically that they had to change their trajectory.

Heck, when I was a boy I wanted to be a heart surgeon. Then I saw Star Wars and I ended up getting three PHDs. Funny how that works.

The point is that these dramatic changes tend happen a lot in adolescence. It doesn't really stop, but you do retain who you are which is the important part.
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Actually a better way to look at it is that nothing you do here effects the you that remains in your timeline.

Technically we're all time remnants, thats a term we use from my world to describe a duplicate removed from the normal flow of time. You always exist in some form, which is at least somewhat reassuring.

As for fashion design, considering ypu live in paris, probably a good fit. If I ever find my friend Mari, I'll send her your way. She's in that profession as well.
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[He doesn't expect Marinette to understand quantum time theory after five minutes.]

Actually I think it's just Mari. Or it might be short for her birth name. But that would be funny.
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I think shes still in school for it. Maybe shes been taking a break, some family stuff came up recently.

Pretty sure things are going well since I've seen her last.
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I'm the real chat noir.

Look at im' he's just a guy in a leather suit. I'm an actual black cat.
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[Oh pft, as if. Too small and too articulated for that. It lacks that entire uncanny valley sorta thing.]

Chat noir means black cat in english. Literal translation, luv. Technically it counts.
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You know I'm joking, right? I'm still a black cat. I mean, lions are cats, ya know.
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[He just snorts at her in acknowledgement.]

Lots of different species, most of em alien, but I used be a human.

Think you can handle the strange sorta thinga that go on around here?
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Well, I've heard of people getting turned into things or losing memories and swapping powers.

Or getting powers.
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