goalenu: (your kiss is cool despite the heat)
THE BEAR JEW ([personal profile] goalenu) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-05-04 04:20 pm

canon: inglourious basterds

Oh, yeah, good job on that re-read, 'cause you know what I wanted to be for the rest of the week is pissed about inaccurate bullshit some asshole spewed about me long before I was...whatever you wanna call it. Fully realized, a fucking whole person.

This ain't no "This Is What You Look Like", that's not what I ever looked like, except for the parts where I did. We all fucking know better and you, sweetheart, you know you can't stand hearing anyone talk bad about YOUR FAVORITE. So what do you say, we move on and stop dwelling on - YEAH, on that. I got other things I wanna do, here.

What do you mean, "like what"? And don't say the lieutenant, because that's just fuckin' crass. Geez, and you'll tell everybody that I'm a piece of work.

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