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Matt McGinnis | DC comics ([personal profile] wayschway) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-04-27 10:08 pm

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 So how long are you planning to wait to send me to one of these 'games'? You keep saying you wanna wait one more issue to see if anything develops.  You realize this is a monthly series, right? Waiting on another issue is a LONG time.  Yes, I'm breaking the fourth wall JUST to make sure you're aware of this.

Besides.. Gotham and the world in general is just terrible these days.  The sooner I'm somewhere else the better.  Not like I hate it or anything... change of scenery would be nice though.

...As long as my brother is there.

And Max.

Also Mr. Wayne too I guess, he'd probably get lonely and depressed by himself.

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