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Kitten ([personal profile] spoiledkitten) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-04-25 03:44 pm

New Community, New Possibilities!

That's right!  Your Kitten has come back to you, Munny-Poo!

Now DO SOMETHING with me already!
crazy_terrarist: But I've got a blank space, baby, and I'll write your name! (Amused)

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Boredom's got you down?
crazy_terrarist: So hey, let's be friends! (Smiling)

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I know exactly how that feels! Didn't think I'd ever be able to relate to a sheltered, demanding Daddy's Girl but, heh, here we are.
crazy_terrarist: Was the high worth the pain? (Elated)

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Oh, my name's Tara Markov, but I normally go by Terra. I'm just a liiiiiitle bit different in your reality, I know, but you just gotta take me as I am or else I crush you under my foot. Or maybe under a rock.
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Yeah, I betrayed 'em. But no, haven't destroyed 'em. Slade's got way too much on his hands and I'm never sure when he'd want me getting back to the mission he hired me for to begin with.
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Stop screaming.
excuseless: (One two three.)

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Because screaming is an ineffective method of getting what you want but violence is an effective silencer.
excuseless: (Whatever.)

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Then I suggest you stick to that before someone better at it comes along and shuts you up.
excuseless: (How many fingers?)

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Much cuter with your mouth shut.

[ Ah, what the hell. He gives her a 'bring it' finger gesture, with the other hand still in his pocket. ]
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Given the standard practice around here is for these people to yank their 'muses' around like puppets on strings until they break, gotta wonder why you're volunteering to be toyed with. Just because cats have nine lives doesn't mean you should be jumping into the line of fire.