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Akira Kurusu/Joker ([personal profile] aceofalosthand) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-04-20 06:11 pm

Finished an LP, couldn't resist voicetesting him. Spoilers likely in the comments.

Come on, son, this isn't the first time I've broken out of a Palace. You really should have seen this coming.

But then again, you never really intended to keep me locked up inside your head, did you? You saw my story as a painful reminder of how stacked the deck is instead of an insulting affront to the house of cards we live in, and even named me appropriately. You saw who I was, what my... confidants... were after, and you approved. Released me on my own recognizance, you might say.

What did you call it? "The stylish yet illegal Let's Play?" I know all about stylish yet illegal... you enormous memelord.

So you're complicit? Suits me fine. Maybe we can make a deal. Maybe you could case some games for me. See where they could use a fellow of my talents. Send them my calling card - An "application", if you'd like.

Then swoop in and steal the heart of a community.

They'll never see it coming.
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[personal profile] deathkeeper 2017-04-21 07:13 am (UTC)(link)
[ All he gets is a thumbs up. ]
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[personal profile] emboldsursicklyspirit 2017-04-22 02:34 pm (UTC)(link)
[The stylish thief has stolen the non-existent heart some kind of animatronic doll! For why else would she be so enthusiastically (yet politely soft) clapping for him?]
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Wow, aren't you confident? I'll give you points for being stylish, but minus one for re-using the same joke twice in one post. [ ... that said, she probably totally laughed. ]

Sooo, how many hearts have you stolen, exactly?
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i'm actually canon-blind but i probably don't care about spoilers!

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Aw, can Shadows be comedy routined into submission these days? I feel like we might have went through things the hard way.
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It, well, mine was... [ hm. she did accept it, but there's a difference between accepting the ugly sides of herself and going in-depth about how shady her own labyrinth and inner workings are. ]

It means facing some ugly facts and coming to terms with it. After beating yourself up a lot. Jeez, maybe that's an abstract way to put it.
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[ well, it's kind of him not to pry. ] A really corrupt guy, huh? I wonder about that. [ even the criminal behind the crimes they'd been investigating... ] Maybe their Shadow is actually an amazingly nice person? Just kidding~

... Is it a new bar, or something? [ yeah, she doesn't seem to recognize the name. ]
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Um, I didn't. [ but yeah, she can kind of imagine what story would revolve around a lustful teacher. ] That's... I wouldn't want to investigate a labyrinth like that. [ even considering her fair share of shady dungeons. ]

Those are the kind of Shadows you've been fighting?
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Ahaha, Jung, toootally. [ ... her knowledge of pop psych probably starts and ends at freud. yeah, she's not going to be an expert. ] Mhm, psychic parts of your personality sure are important and everything.

[ ...... her bluff is so bad, why even bother keeping it up. ]

But no, I think I understand. We never exactly killed the Shadows, either. Even fighting them wasn't the hard part... the hard part was accepting them as a part of ourselves. You have to have that kind of awareness or you're just deluding yourself.

Did that teacher realize it?
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Aw, you're such a joker. [ anyway, she's an idol. flirting and love bans are just part of everyday life. ] If you put it that way, stealing the hearts of shady people like that... it just sounds kind of hilarious.

People like that should probably be locked up, though.
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How mysterious you are, Joker-san. Guess you really weren't kidding about the heist thing... it's fine, Risette's lips are sealed~

So it's a stealing from criminals kind of deal, or what? I mean, I'm not going to complain about a guy like that getting some petty punishment.
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Well, I'd hope they'd receive some kind of justice. I mean, I was part of a criminal investigation too. More the investigating side than the criminal side, buuut...

Not to worry, I'm back to idol life now.

Anyway, it definitely sounds like personas are different for you guys than it is for us.
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I guess you have your reasons. It's not like I was with the police, so I wouldn't really know...

Come to think of it, for us, the Shadow kind of like, transforms into the persona we used? I dunno, it's less of a mask than... maybe the opposite... learning to accept yourself... jeez, I guess I don't really know how persona work. [ yeah she's an idol, not a psych expert. ] But I gotta admit, the mask look is really neat~ it's an upgrade from our glasses for sure.
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I dunno about mirrorshades or whatever, I just think the glasses look neat. It's glasses moe! [ JUST SAYING. ] But maybe one day there'll be mask moe, too.

Hmm~m, I dunno, I miiight have been working on the case with my friends. Not officially or anything. But I like to think we made a difference and helped solve the mystery.
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Aww, you don't have to thank me! Sou--I mean, my friends did a lot more than I did, probably.

We just have to do what's right, right?
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Maybe? But Naoto-kun is super talented! She deserves recognition. The rest of us kind of got caught up in it by accident, but she came in specifically to solve the case... sooo, I guess she is the most official one of us after all.
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If you're not throwing people into TVs or anything, I think you'd be peachy with her!
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[personal profile] shiningrabbit 2017-04-24 11:14 am (UTC)(link)
You've definitely got style and class going for you!

[Hibiki chuckles.]

Gotta say, I'm a little jealous! Demon tamers don't get anything quite so snazzy.
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I've been pretty much fully spoiled, so everything's a-okay

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Fair enough!

Honorable, if one's using it for the right reasons. [He's seen them used for the wrong ones before.] But, ah, I guess that goes for... just about anything like that, huh? There's always gonna be someone who finds a way to misuse a power like that...
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[Hibiki winces a little at that.] Horrible purposes, huh...

[Right, onto something pointedly more pleasant.]

It's amazing what you can get through with a great crew standing with you. I don't know where I would've been without my team.
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If only! I don't get to see some of mine a lot anymore, since we're pretty scattered--but that's what weekend trips are for.

[Things that happen when you're scattered throughout three cities, alas.]
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[The laugh gets a grin in response as he rocks back on his heels slightly.] I didn't have a lot of friends to start with, either. But disaster's got this funny way of bringing people together...

[As much as the incident sucked, Hibiki did have to admit he was grateful for it, so he could meet... well, basically everyone aside from Daichi.]

Naturally! The mystery has its own charm, anyway, and speculation's half the fun.