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Arcueid Brunestud ([personal profile] urbild) wrote in [community profile] dear_player2017-04-20 08:04 pm
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voicetest | canon is Tsukihime

Well, it was nice of you to go and bring me here, but...

It's kind of boring. Don't you have anything for me to do?

[ Well sorry. ]
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Well ain't this somethin'?
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I mean this here is somethin' right? Ya gotta start somewhere t'get to somewhere else.
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Well what are ya fixin' to do, look for a fight? Get into some high-end adventure?
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Don't know about there bein' any vampires causing problems, but I'm sure there are more than a few troublesome folks around with a bounty.

[Normal human things are the best, so quiet and not troublesome at all.] Why not take a look at some games or one of 'em memes then? Ya know, see if anything catches yer eye.
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It ain't too late to give other things a try, ma'am.

Heh, well either way I hope ya find something that interests you. And if you want recommendations, give a called "Empatheias" a look-see.
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How about you join forces with me, DIO, the greatest of all vampires and help me take over the world?
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A pity for your lack of imagination then.
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DIO could help you with that if you'd let him.... Show you sights and pleasures that would astound you. Besides being like me, you are very attractive and I could take quite a liking to you...
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One created by the Stone Mask of the Pillar Men of course. Were you not made the same way or did you merely drink the blood of another?
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Having you stay here would be in everyone's best interests. I can't imagine what you're putting your mun through right now.
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There's plenty to do, Arcueid. Perhaps your mun is holding you back because they don't want to deal with you for prolonged periods of time.
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In this case, definitely not wrong.

( Way to dial back that savagery there, Ciel. )

How much information has your mun given you of places that aren't here?
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So yours is in the same boat as mine. She's fairly undecided as is.

Perhaps you could convince her to chuck you at one of these "memes" while you wait? Don't ask me why they're referred to that way, for I have no clear idea.
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I wouldn't wish this fate on anyone under normal circumstances, but... maybe you should try to rub that "easily amused" nature of yours on her. You both should benefit from that.
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I wasn't aware being "a bit" lighthearted was something you were capable of.
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It's in the job description.

( That would be Ciel's failed attempt at humour, there. )

I don't have the luxury of doing as I please all hours of the day. But, for the record, I do unwind when it's suitable.
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That all depends on if any vampires try to make trouble.

Are you planning to make any trouble if you get too bored?
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( Jesus Christ, Arcueid... )

I suppose I can manage that, so long as it's only a little.
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I'm not sure if I should appreciate that or not.

But, moving on, does your mun have any interest in one of these places called "Recursion"? My own is taking more than a few glances at it and wanted me to mention it.
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The invitation is there, should they ever have enough time to accept it.

Not that I would be looking forward to looking after you, but a familiar face is a familiar face.
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Mischievous cats who drag other people into their problems need to be kept in line, right?

I may not be innocent, and quite the meddler, but you know exactly who I'm talking about.
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Have you forgotten of Tohno-kun already?

In that case, keep at it until he's completely gone from your memory.
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He is the "other people" I was referring to.

I know how much of a good kid he is! That's why I want you to stay away from him.