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brainstorming oc

Those have to be the weirdest powerset I've ever seen, and I'm currently going over the weird shit you've been reading.

This is not a compliment.
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Aw, I'm sure it's not so bad! What kind of powers are they?
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O-oh. Sorry. [ He's quiet for a bit. Then, a little sheepishly: ]

I've got some really weird powers too, if it makes you feel any better.
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I eat enemies and objects and gain their powers!!

[ K-Kirby, I don't think you should say that so nonchalantly, especially in this human form... ]

Huh? Well, she asked, right? That's how it normally works, anyway.
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Eh? Is it? Nobody back home seems to mind...
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Hm, maybe~! [ He doesn't quite seem to grasp the gravity of her statement. ] But I'm pretty sure they just don't mind. It's just the way we all work together!

Besides, they're all strong, too, so I'm sure they'd stop me if it really bothered them.
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They would! Definitely! Because we work together!! [ It's like talking to an adorable pink brink wall. ]

I think it's fine because everybody's okay afterwards and sometimes they even join me on adventures! You're probably just thinking about it too hard~!!
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Lot of powers out there to make that claim.
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Does it involve bodily fluids?
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Inspiration tends to come from the strangest of places.

It happens.
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And then some.

I'm three iterations down. How about you?
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That's the ideal set-up.

So out of curiosity, what is your current powerset?
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[ Oh, interesting. ]

Probably not to the extent that you do.