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Finally getting around to letting me out, are you? It's taken you long enough. I knew you'd need a rest from your tall and flighty fools eventually- and don't argue, girl, I'm fond enough of elves when they've earned it, but even the best of them are flighty.

And we need some good dwarven company, or you're likely to float off after them. We won't find my own folk or those of Nogrod, from what you've said, but enough of Durin's folk seem to be wandering about these worlds. A good ale, sensible conversation- maybe a chance to kill a dragon rather than wound him?

[Noo, not you too.]

You knew what you were getting into, girl. Don't tell me otherwise.
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I hope your wish for good company comes soon, my lord, but in tbe meantime would you accept mine?
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I am glad to hear that for as you know, my elder brother holds you in high esteem.

And I always worry some day Caranthir will piss off his dwarvish compatriots but so far they seem to like his bluntness

Since it is as a bard that I make my name however, it would be remiss if I did not offer my services in return for my welcome.
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It did not fit, as you well know, my lord! [ Maglor laughs with him ] So he sent it to one he wished to protect. And I think he might say the same of you!

Oi he can be strai.... okay maybe not

Then perhaps one of the drinking songs of your own halls, although you will have to forgive my terrible accent, which I have been told has yet to improve!
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K-Kill a dragon...!?

[That could only mean one thing.]

Which...which of the Beastclans do you come from?
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[She just sighs sadly.]

...There is just no end to the war against dragonkind, is there...?

I haven't heard of any of those places either.
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The same could hold true on the other side as well. How many dragons have been slain by your kind?

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I know dragons rather well, being a dragon myself. We're not like what you describe.

However, I do know of one dragon of a dark power...named Erebus. Although...I don't know if he's using the Shade willingly, or if he is corrupted by it. I would like to learn that much before I figure out how to stop him...

[She doesn't want to kill him. She doesn't think she could even if she tried.]