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Double King, a poorly-thought-out thought

[Heavy breathing.]

[What is this place, and who is the monarch? Is it this "mun" person? She doesn't have a crown. How can he kill her and steal her power if she doesn't have a crown?]

[...Is there someone else who's the monarch?]

[There better be a monarch around here somewhere, he's getting fidgety.]
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oh my gosh

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...what manner of creature are you? [He's gonna try and take off that cloak. Sorry, he doesn't respect the crown as anything but a fancy hat.]
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[Look, he's just curious, okay. Are those even feet or hands you have there. And well...he's staring at the crown now.] Does that have any meaning, or is it a mere decoration?
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Wow, you read it? I really want to get the full illustrated version but couldn't find it anywhere

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[Well, okay then. Seems pretty possessive of them.] you have a kingdom? Surely you can afford more.
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Yeah, that's the one I'm talking about.

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[He raises an eyebrow.] I doubt it. I answer to no authority or ruler in the first place.
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this is so wrong I love you

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[Well, Piper here isn't exactly a monarch, but she is the captain of a spaceship, if that counts to the strange little Double King. And of course, because we can't have anything nice, she coincidentally happens to have chosen this hat to wear today.]

Well, now, what sort of critter are you? Odd design for a bot...