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Very voicetesting

[Hey D_P, have an unassuming looking middle aged man in ink soaked pants rubbing his temples.]

I'm going to have a headache for a week after this.

Well, I guess that's assuming I even get out alive. I'd heard rumors about the studio going nuts after the '50s but this... God, Sammy tried to kill me. And the way he was talking, the way he looked- I didn't even realize who he was until he spoke.

Part of me wants answers, and part of me just wants to get out of this alive.
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[Wordlessly, Frisk offers a towel. It probably isn't going to help much. Where did they even get that.]
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...Least it's not blood?

[That is also hard to get out. And is grosser just from where it comes from.]
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[Frisk winces very slightly.] Yeah. Um, sorry.

[Handshake! Their grip is surprisingly firm for a) a kid and b) somebody who doesn't do that much.] I'm Frisk. 'M from a weird place too...guess most people here are, though.
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[They'd generally be a bit more careful about Worrying A Grownup (or anyone), but this is a special case. He's still in the middle of stuff, after all.]

Well, there was magic, with monsters that wanted to kill me. They were...easier to get them to stop an' make friends with, though.
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[They shrug. They got used to it.]

Um. Usually did stuff I thought they'd like. Or would distract them. Had to FIGHT a couple times.

[It didn't always work, and it took a lot of time for some of them to listen to MERCY...and Frisk died a bunch trying to figure it out. Henry's still in the middle of stuff, and it probably wouldn't be very encouraging to tell him that.]
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You should probably just run a lot. Had to do that sometimes, too. Probably other stuff around to pick up later.

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I wish I were sorry

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[What can she say? "You have Dad's name and you remind me of him and please don't die?" That won't work.]

Getting out seems like a good idea, but good luck, either way.

[There we go. From one horror protag to another, do not die.]
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People like ruining good things, I guess.

[A pause as she mulls it over.]

That machine's what caused this mess, right? Maybe putting it down might be a good idea.
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Now ain't that a familiar mug?
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You bet'cha, it's your ol' pal Bendy alright! Glad to see ya remember me after all these years.

What's shakin', bacon?
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Right, right, that whole surprise-the-building's-way-bigger-than-ya-thought shindig. [ he just wanted to hear your take on it, buddy. ]

You're hangin' in there pretty okay for a fella dealin' with sudden Satanic worshippers in cheap masks an' nuclear levels a' paranormal activity, t'be honest. Gotta be careful, yaknow? Them nervous breakdowns, those can be sneaky lil' devils, catch ya at the most inopportune moments.