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voicetesting for the heck of it, Birthright path atm

...What a bother. I was in the middle of my break - and a nap. A really nice one, with a really nice dream. There weren't any messes for me to clean up, and I was the coffee king. It was great. [Dwyer yawns.] Don't expect me to start picking up after you, Mun. You're a total mess. You're not even focused on the things you have to do. At least I know how to're kind of a disaster of an offense.

[A pause. Dwyer lets out a huff of a breath, leans on his staff.]

...I think I'll put up a pot of coffee, though. If I'm stuck here, I might as well.
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Wait, if you're the Coffee King then why would you have to clean up after anyone?

[Guess who might have only really picked up the keywords here]
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[And he just keeps going, like 'pay more attention' is something he hears enough to just pass over him]

Well, dream or not I wanna know what a Coffee King does!
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If you want your mun to do right by you, Dwyer, you probably need to be more motivating!

Mm-hm, definitely more motivating, and a little less likeā€¦ how you always are.
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[She's wasting her time, isn't she. Oh well.]

Easy for you to say that now. They have the power to put you into any kind of weird or nasty scenario they want, you know.
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[Well, looking out for her comrades regardless of the circumstances is what a true knight and hero does! Or something.]

Still sounds like a pretty big risk to me! It pays to be prepared for anything, don't you think?