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Voicetesting for murder

Hey, boss. Did you seriously pick me up just because you saw whatever's left of Atsushi in a murdergame?

Aw, you shouldn't have. Really. At least read the light novels before you toss me into Trustfell or something.

And while you're at it, can you ask whoever's running Round Five if suicide is an option?

... No? What if I just jumped off the building? Or maybe just hung myself?

... Still no?

Your loss, lady.
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I suppose you could try interfering with one of their "executions." Access to the outside of a building seems unfortunately restricted in these "murdergames."
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Really? The one I was in space, apparently. [Well, technically a virtual reality version of space that turned out to also be really in space.] And it seems these "Trustfell" games tend to take place in an enclosed building. [He looks disappointed.] A town...that would be much more satisfying.
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It was a surprise to me as well. Space travel was not even being thought about in my time.

[A pause]

That is how the executions were done.
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[personal profile] humanitarianherbalist 2017-04-21 04:18 am (UTC)(link) seems the Overseers were forced into their role. I doubt they would have wished to spend more time figuring out how to achieve such ironic deaths.
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They were the last survivors of their own game, and neither of them were willing to kill the other. They were both told to run our game to a conclusion to earn their freedom. [a pause] They were lied to, and both were given contradicting requests.
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Well, in the case of this game, us "deceased" have no chance of awakening until the final "round." But the survivors managed to cheat the system and make it believe that someone had fulfilled the requirement to escape at the cost of the others. I believe they are now free to seek out the ones behind all this and confront them.
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I think we'd all appreciate it if you didn't.
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I'm not dead. [At least, he doesn't think he is, last he checked. Unless you mean 'dead inside' then, yes, maybe.]

And I don't need to hear it. Actually, I'd rather not hear it at all.
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Of course not. I already know that.

[He's being messed with and he knows it. Even though Atsushi knows it, it won't stop from being extremely effective. His expression is flat and his eyes narrow.]

...Shirts? [Did that even have to be mentioned? Although the stuffed tiger sounds cute and compelling. He does like cats.] But why would there be books with my abilities on the cover?
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... Long sleeved white shirts aren't uncommon, you know.

[His voice is as dry as the Sahara Desert itself, and it shows in his hunched back. He sucks in a breath through his nostrils an a sheer attempt to straighten himself out. What a pain.]

But doesn't that make you wonder why exactly, they're there?
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... I would rather not be dragged over there and find myself being a magical girl, Dazai-san.
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You were imagining it, weren't you?
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[She'll sigh a little through her nose. That sure is a thing, isn't it.] If it were coming from anyone else but you, I'd say it's hypocritical you wouldn't protest going to a place like where you could easily die. But as it is... I won't try to stop you.

[The last words he'd said to her... Kyouka knows he said them for a reason. If he's going to that place willingly, it's more than just because he wants to get killed.

...Her eyes will narrow dangerously, though, when she finally speaks on what she's been skirting around.]
What happened to him?

[She still doesn't call him, or any of them, by name. Dazai will know who she means.]
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Your "Boss" has shitty taste.

[And Chuuya is personally offended that Dazai even dares to use that word. There's only one Boss, and Dazai left him.]

Quit talking about suicide and do it already. The world will be a better place without bandage waste like you.
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Don't call me your friend. I'd rather swallow razor blades than be friends with the likes of you.

[What an excellent plan! True evil genius. Like mun, like muse~ (Well, you know, within reason.)]

What about me is feminine, you bastard?! If you wanna die so badly, I'll kill you myself.

[If only he could. If only Mori would allow it.]
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For the same reason I'm not doing it now, shitty Dazai. That's the only thing keeping you alive right now.

[Well, it's not like Dazai doesn't have ways to protect himself. But Chuuya likes to pretend it's all on Mori, because there's no arguing with the Boss' authority.]

But the Boss won't live forever. While I hope he survives the both of us, if he doesn't, your death will be no more than an hour after his.

Not everyone wants you alive as much as the Boss.

[Admittedly, Kouyou now owes Dazai too, but Chuuya likes to think she'd let him have his way regardless. Nobody needs an enemy like Dazai walking around, and ane-san and Chuuya are close.]
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[Chuuya doesn't need his powers to take out the trash. It may take a little longer without them, but in cases like this, that's practically a bonus.

Still, his bark is worse than his bite, in this particular case. He'd rather Dazai stop being a dick than kill the guy. The latter is just easier to achieve.]

Are you kidding? The only reason you guys still exist is because you're too small to cause a real mess for any of the big players on both sides of the law. [That, and Ranpo makes them hard to touch. That, too.] Nobody's going to lose any sleep if you're down one member.

The Boss should outlive me. He's done more for the organization than anyone else could have managed. [There are a lot of skilled people in the mafia, but no one fit to take over. Kouyou would have Chuuya's vote, but as good as she is, she's no Mori.] But we're all playing Russian roulette [Russian, get it?] living this kind of life.

That includes you, you bastard.
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Don't drag me into your fucked-up suicide fantasies.

If I'm gonna risk dying, it'll be with a good, all-out fight. Not by letting you talk me to death.
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What do you think I've been doing the past ten years?

[Getting away with murder, quite literally. But... "kill or be killed" is intriguing.]

Still, if it's a chance to erase your sorry excuse for an existence, maybe I'll take it. The sooner I never have to see your face again, the better.
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Mon dieu, a death wish?

[ the frenchwoman raises a brow. you'd think the point of a 'murdergame' was self-explanatory... ]
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boy howdy dazai learn how to fliRT

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[ an owlish blink, a small frown starkly cut against her pallor.. ] Some things are worse than death.

But trying to die does not sound hard in a place that is trying to kill you, non?

[ a small laugh, though it's a blank sound, some brisk bemusement. shadows of real emotions, but just that. ] Pardon? What a bold proposal. [ she is already dead inside that's what really matters ]