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Bendy and the Ink Machine || Voicetest || How about that chapter two, huh?

[Bendy is all smiles today. He straightens his white tie and brushes off his arms. It's nice being on model. That hasn't happened in a long time. He waves to his mundane. He clears his throat. Time to see if the old voice is still working.]

Well well well. Ain't this a surprise? I tells ya, it's nice ta'h be out o' the ol' workshop. And on model ta'h boot! T'ings are certainly lookin' up for ol' Bendy. Now then. I wonder where dear ol' Henry got off too. I should go say hello.

Too bad 'bout poor Sammy but like he said; "Love requires sacrifice." Sometimes that sacrifice is just somethin' you ain't considerin'. But dems the ropes.

I t'ink you and I are gonna get along just fine, buddy ol' pal.

Just fine indeed.
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Love shouldn't mean losing life.

...Gotta wonder how he turned into ink, though.
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[Theirs is entirely impassive. Something about this guy reminds them of a jerk of a flower.]

I know. I...saw. [Ah, must love meta spaces.] He shouldn'ta. But people do stupid, horrible stuff when they're scared, or mad, an' being made of ink kinda does that. I mean, 'f you weren't made of it already.

[Frisk shrugs.]
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Hate it when anybody gets killed. Even if they did bad stuff, and should get in trouble for it.

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Well...sometimes you gotta FIGHT. Sometimes people want you to die even if you don't want them to. But just' fighting's not the same thing as killing people.
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[Frisk shifts the slightest bit. Thaaat's...not comfortable to watch. Reminds them of Amalgamates, the one Underground thing that still has a chance at scaring them. ...So long as he doesn't seem like he's gonna eat them, though, it's going to be fine.]

Don't think so. Most people can figure out how to be good again. 'F they get help. Can't do that when you're dead, usually.

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...Probably. There's, um, usually ways to get them to...not. To decide to do other stuff, even if it's not outta love, 'cause SOULS are important for that. Or try to get them another one, but that's not easy and has other people dying, so that's not a thing that usually works either anyway.


You're, uh. Melting. [In case he hasn't noticed somehow.]
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[They're heavily tempted to say something like wrong or we'll just hafta see. But that won't help. That's not the solution to this.]

Can stuff so you get...not-melty?
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[The growl has them tensing, ready to dodge. But then...

Perform? They bounce on their feet.]

...You...yeah. Sure! Do stuff you like.

[Stage lights are blaring.]
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[They're tense again (still), and then...surprised.]

Oh! Thought I was--um, nevermind. [Somehow, Frisk thought they'd be a part of it. He said for them, not with them. There's a distinct difference!

Frisk drops back into it, immediately leaning forward and knotting their fingers together. They're, don't pardon the pun, looking far more animated about now.]
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Well, Hell's Bells, you're a handsome fella!

So how long d'ya figure 'til Boris, Alice, and all our lovely creators start showin' up in these parts?
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[ bows ] Thank you, thank you very much.

Looks like we've already got one a lil' further down there, so must be even sooner than I thought. Then we'll get our buddy Boris, and then all our favourite c̡̩͇͎̞̦r̝̼͟ęa̯̹̤̫̪̺͕ṯ̠̱̘o͝r͇̭̺̳͘ͅs͉ are bound ta follow!

Gets the ol' ink flowin' just thinking 'bout it, don't it?
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Who wouldn't? T'be honest, I'd be happy with a Bendy on each arm, yaknow?

Glad to see she's out an' about, though. Good fer her. Boris, the ol' guy's bound to follow along sometime, just gotta keep a good eye out.

[ he's laughing a bit ] Ehhh, I'm thinkin' more of an ink flood, know what I mean? Those machines're always faulty somehows.

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At the rate more folks're poppin' up, it's bound to happen eventually!

But hey, gotta give it time, pal-erooni. The world can wait. Gotta figure up what our dear ol' creators're up to first, then make 'em pay. Then, Detroit.

I mean-- presumably, that's the entire point o'this whole thing, huh? Find out why our human pals are goin' all kooky?
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And ain't that the real shame? We used to have such a good time together. So many memories ...

Whelp! Sometimes ya just can't fix what's broken, eh?
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Ehhhhh, figuratively, metaphorically, poetically, literally. Whatever keeps that ol' machine flowin', eh?
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Ink vs chalk let's do this

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[Did someone say living cartoons with Jersey accents cause here's another one]

Boy, you ain't kiddin'! The things I've gone through for the sake a' love...

[Needless to say, they're probably not on the same page here. Isn't going to stop Snap from posing dramatically on that comment, though.]

But anyway, wow! I've never met someone like me who isn't from ChalkZone before! You gotta be from what, some kinda InkZone or somethin'? Great to meetcha, bucko, put 'er there!

[Yep, Bendy's being offered a hand to shake that's... just a fingerless circle.]
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I mean, real world liquids do kinda tend to wash ChalkZoners away, so I can't argue that

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[He gets a very vigorous shake, the kind that ends up cartoonishly shaking your whole body. Look Snap is excited ok.]

I'm Snap, the masterpiece of the great Rudy Tabootie! The best artist ChalkZone's ever had!

A workshop, eh? So I'm guessin' that makes this Joey guy your creator!
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'Course I do; Rudy's my best pal! He can draw his way outta anythin'! ChalkZone hasn't let artists in for years, but even ol' Biclops trusts Rudy with the magic chalk after he proved how responsible he is.

[Snap is straight up beaming with pride, planting his hands on his hips and puffing his chest out and everything.]

Why, don't ya get on with yours? Must be pretty famous if they've got a whole buildin'!
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Whoof. Well hey, don't let it get ya down, bucko! There's lots a' folks in ChalkZone who ain't thrilled with their creators either, but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy ourselves! Heck, Rudy's even fixed up a few of 'em!

[Snap goes to plop a reassuring hand on Bendy's shoulder, and immediately realizes his mistake as it comes away with black goo sticking to it. His grin drops into a small frown, and he tries to shake it off, causing the ink to go flying. Part of his hand seems stained black still, though.]

Yeesh. That uh, normal?
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It's been a long time, Bendy.

[Have a quick kiss on the cheek.]

I'm doin' all right.
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It's been ages since we've gone dancin'. And I've got to sing in the next choir concert.